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Seal the inner cellar from the inside and insulate it: we explain in detail how to seal the basement wall and properly insulate it.
Flood protection doors are particularly useful for constantly high water hazard passages. We introduce you to different variants.
Prefabricated garages are fast, stable, weatherproof and also relatively cheap to buy. Here you can find out more about prices and workmanship.
New look for the bathroom - completely without renovation stress even for less gifted home improvement!
New year - new look! If you are in the mood for change, you can turn the bathroom into a feel-good oasis in no time at all without much effort.
Blouse Show DIY DIY 24/2015
Every week in our blog show we show the new contributions of the bloggers from the fields of wood, diy, diy and crafts.
Blogrundschau wood technique 46/2014
Our blogrundschau, in which i look at many blogs and search for you the best posts. See what our bloggers write about at a glance.
Tile cutter comparison 2018
➤ current tile cutter comparison 2018 on lets-rebuild.com. Compare now and order top tile cutter cheap!
Dremel Multi Max: Fast, thorough, filigree and enormously versatile
Dremel multi max: one who can do it all. Cutting, grinding, cutting, scraping - indispensable in home, boat and old-timer.
Impact dowels and nail dowels
Hammer dowels, also called nail dowels in smaller versions, can be installed faster and more comfortably than other dowel types.
Side cutter comparison 2018
➤ current side cutter comparison 2018 on lets-rebuild.com. Compare now and order top side cutter cheap!
The jigsaw - basic equipment in every workshop
A jigsaw belongs in every workshop. It is inexpensive to buy and meets many requirements. Nevertheless, there is a lot to consider.
Cordless Drill Comparison 2018
➤ current cordless drill / driver comparison 2018 on lets-rebuild.com. Compare now and buy top cordless drill / driver inexpensively!
Differences between cordless screwdriver, cordless drill and cordless drill
As a cordless screwdriver are often referred to devices such as cordless drill, cordless impact wrench or cordless combi drill. Where are the differences?
Gluing instead of drilling: Assembly without holes and dowels
Gluing instead of drilling - does it work? Where better drilled and where you can stick is explained in this article.
Rotation laser comparison 2018
➤ current rotation laser comparison 2018 on lets-rebuild.com. Compare now and order top rotary lasers online!