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The marble floor does not shine anymore? We explain the crystallization and give tips on how to clean, grind and polish the natural stone floor.
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Cork is a natural resource with good properties. As a footfall sound insulation, parquet or with a click he can be laid by any home improvement.
Do It Yourself: Why
The ossi is often the better handyman. At least there is more trouble doing everything yourself at home. Here is a tangible story.
Band Contests: Entrance Fees to Enter (Offtopic-Blogparade!)
Do-it-yourselfers like to do everything themselves, even music. Some of them, however, have been angry with questionable contests on the seat of their pants.
The best home improvement blogs: Holzblogger Bernhard
Massive wood for blogging: holzblogger bernhard reitinger bloggt, what it burns for: holzwerker bernhard! "home improvement blogging" goes into the second round and our enthusiasm is getting bigger. Therefore, we remain curious about the search for talented and creative do-it-yourselfers.
Sharpen saw blade
Whether cv or hm saw blade sharpening is possible and / or useful? A saw blade sharpening guide? What to look for in sharpening machines? Manual sharpening.
Filaments for 3D printing
The processing material of a 3d printer is called filament (pla, abs, pa). It differs in composition and properties.
Welding process: How do I weld?
Welding made easy: we explain how to weld properly, what autogenous welding means, mig and mag.
Sharpen ceramic knives
Ceramic knives are very hard and not easy to sharpen. Find out where to sharpen and how to sharpen ceramic knives here.
Hygrometer comparison 2018
➤ current hygrometer comparison 2018 on lets-rebuild.com. Compare now and order top hygrometer online!
Power plasticine for doweling
If the borehole is too large, you can use power plasticine to fill the hole suitable for the dowel; completely without putty.
Stemmhammer comparison 2018
➤ current stemmhammer comparison 2018 on lets-rebuild.com. Compare now and order top stemmhammer cheap!
Technical terms, preliminary remarks, previous knowledge
Here we explain the technical terms, equipment and materials, which profiles are suitable for which purpose, how they are connected and best processed.
Electric box comparison 2018
➤ current electric box comparison 2018 on lets-rebuild.com. Compare now and order cheap top electric bumpers!