10 Tips for living in order to give your own home a new lease of life

With a new look in the rooms, you get a completely different lifestyle in the house. Even small changes can make a big impact. For those who are in the mood for a refreshing cure for their own four walls, here are 10 tips that are easy to implement and make a great impact.

1. courage to color

White walls look boring in the long run. Often it is enough to just paint a wall in your favorite color to give the room a completely different character.

If you like, there are nuances of color: in DIY stores, there is a nice assortment of stencils that can be used to paint borders and motifs on the walls.

2. Self-made Kuschelaccessoires

Do it yourself is totally in vogue. A knitted pillow in the cable pattern, a knotted carpet for the nursery or a crocheted blanket for the sofa: homemade accessories are always an eye-catcher and convey a lot of well-being.

3. Reorder flowers and plants

10 Tips for living in order to give your own home a new lease of life: tips

10 Tips for living in order to give your own home a new lease of life: living

Green plants immediately get a different look with a new planter. Although plants should have their place as well as possible, it is worthwhile to change them once to give the room a completely new effect.

Bouquets do not always have to be in commercial vases. Here you are allowed to experiment. For example, the still-trendy country house style matches a colorful bouquet, beautifully arranged in a jug or bucket made of enamel.

4. Try a new style

A new style of living can be created by small furniture and matching decorations. Shabby chic, industrial furniture and country house furniture are still in fashion. Retro design and used look bring a touch of nostalgia into the house.

If you're lucky, you'll inherit some great pieces. If this is not the case, there are certainly a few bargains at the flea market. By the way, it's fun to work on a boring chair or chest of drawers to give them the trendy shabby look.

5. To little space in the kitchen?

If there is not enough storage space, the kitchen quickly becomes messy. If there is no space for new shelves on the walls, a round shelf can help: it is clamped between the ceiling and the floor and is not only practical, but also a great room divider.

6. Fresh look for the bathroom

Even a small bathroom can become a personal oasis of well-being. Bathroom carpet, shower curtain, toilet seat and towels in new colors change the room immediately.

Not only in decorative bowls and baskets, but also in large shells from the last holiday place hair ties, jewelry and make-up accessories room.

Candles, plants and extraordinary mirrors create a cozy atmosphere.

7. A friendly hall

Hallways are often narrow and dark. Here can be made with light, color and mirrors an impressive change. Pastel tones are more suitable than dark colors.
The hallway is inviting and friendly when seating is available. A few selected decorations or flowers make the entrance much more homely.

8. How to embark

The environment is important for a healthy sleep. A bedroom should always be cleaned up. It is not a storage room and ironing board and clothes horse do not belong here. It is worthwhile to clear the bedroom thoroughly.

New bedding brings fresh color to the room. Carpets not only serve as foot flatter, but also affect the effect of the room.

9. Curtains, blinds and curtains

The same applies to all rooms: New curtains make the room look romantic, airy or elegant. They provide an easy way to bring fresh wind into your home quickly.

10. Tidying up and clearing out

An unpopular but immensely effective way to give the home a new lease of life is a thorough cleaning out. Too much that accumulates over the years can go away. Less is often more!

Instead of a collection of dust collectors, a small, tasteful selection of decorative objects is sufficient.

Tips & Tricks

It does not have to be renovated on a large scale and expensive purchases are not necessary to transform an apartment. A few good ideas and some time will be enough to enjoy a new living experience soon.

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