2 Instructions for cutting glass

Cutting glass is actually quite simple: scratch, break, done! Without a detailed guide and a little practice, however, this remains a pure theory, all too often the glass breaks into pieces in the hands of the untrained. We will explain exactly how to cut your glass successfully with or without a glass cutter. Read our two instructions.

Cut glass: practice is the master here too

Cutting glass requires a bold approach. A single cut through the material has to sit, multiple cutting creates dirty break edges. The breaking of the glass along the cut should also be quick, not too gentle and not too strong.

We recommend beginners to practice cutting and breaking glass on an old glass plate or on fragments. It is important to get a feel for materials and tools before using them for the first time on a valuable glass piece.

On three-dimensional objects, the use of a glass cutter often makes little sense. For this purpose, we present another method that makes it possible, for example, to cut bottlenecks: the wool thread method.

Instructions for cutting glass with glass cutter

  • water
  • possibly cutting oil / sewing machine oil
  • Cardboard or bed sheet as a base
  • gloves
  • safety goggles
  • thin foil pencil
  • Spirit level / metal ruler
  • 2 rubberized ferrules
  • glass cutter
  • whetstone

1. Water the whisk

Water the whetstone for final smoothing of the cutting burrs about two hours before starting work. Alternatively, you can also use 150-grit sandpaper on a sanding block. The sandpaper needs a linen spine for this application.

2. Make preparations

Broken glass can cause serious injury, especially in the eye area. Make sure you put on goggles and gloves, even if it is just a single glass cut. Lay your glass on a cardboard box or bed sheet.

3. Record the cutting edge

Draw the cut edge on the glass with a thin foil pen. Measure everything out exactly to find exactly the right line.

4. Create ruler or spirit level

Now place your ruler or a spirit level on the recorded marking so that the line remains visible and fits exactly. Fix the ruler / spirit level with the two rubberized clamps on the glass.

5. Cut the glass

If necessary, mesh your glass cutter briefly with a little cutting oil and pull it along quickly along the ruler with light pressure. A single cut must be sufficient, repeated cutting increases the risk of breakage.

6. Knock break edge

This step must be done immediately after cutting before the material relaxes again. Tap the side edge of your glass cutter along the break line from below.

7. Break glass at break line

Now place the break line exactly on the table top and grab the glass plate left and right with both hands. Break the jar in half with a short jerk.

8. Pull off break edges

To smooth the break edges, pick up the watered stone, dry it briefly, and then pull it along the glass. If you prefer to use sandpaper and sanding blocks, it is recommended to moisten the paper beforehand.

Instructions for cutting glass without a glass cutter

  • Bowl of cold water
  • spirit
  • Thin Folienstift
  • Wool
  • lighter
  • safety goggles

1. Preparations

Working with fire always requires special safety precautions. It is best to go outside and make sure there is no flammable material in the immediate vicinity. Wear fireproof clothing and goggles yourself.

2. Mark cut

Carefully note the cut with your foil pen.

3. Prepare wool thread

Cut a wool thread of the desired length and soak it in spirit.

4. Put on and light wool thread

Place the soaked thread on the cut edge and light it with the lighter. Wait until flames and embers have gone out.

5. Allow to cool and shatter

Immerse the still hot interface in cold water for it to jump. If you are lucky, you will now have a reasonably clean break edge, which you can then grind.

Tips & Tricks

Cheap glass cutters are often not much use, so you risk shards and breakage. If you have to cut glass more often, you should purchase the highest quality tool possible.

A self-lubricating glass cutter with diamond wheels and petroleum storage simplifies the work, but costs well between 50 and 100 EUR. For this you will achieve much better results with such a tool.

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