2 Mattresses or a big one?

From a bed width of about two meters you can consider whether you want to use a continuous large mattress or rather two single mattresses. Both have advantages and disadvantages, which we present below.

Do you sleep alone or as a couple?

If you sleep alone in a bed, you should opt for a single large mattress. Thus, the entire bed width can be used without feeling annoying transitions. The situation is different when sleeping in a bed for two. Here, the use of two mattresses can promote a peaceful night's sleep.

The advantages of 2 mattresses

If you share your bed with a partner, it is quite advantageous to use two mattresses, so that each side can be adapted to the specific sleeping habits. If you use two mattresses, it offers the following advantages:

  • You can set the slatted frames differently.
  • The degree of hardness of the mattresses can be chosen differently depending on your preference.
  • You can get up at night without waking the other one (s).
  • Restless sleep is not transmitted over the entire mattress.
  • Weight differences do not matter.

Set slatted frames differently

If only one large mattress is lying on two slatted frames, they must always be synchronized so as not to damage the mattress.

Select degree of hardness differently

Some prefer rather hard mattresses, others rather soft ones. To find an "intermediate solution" here is complicated. With separate mattresses, everyone can choose the mattress hardness according to their preference.

Restless sleep and get up at night

The mattress transmits movements in the form of vibrations. If one of the two partners is restless, the other will feel it, provided you are lying on the same mattress. With separate mattresses but less movement is transmitted, so even restless sleepers let their partner sleep.

Weight differences

Heavy persons are known to sink deeper into a mattress. This can cause a continuous mattress to cause the other side to pick up a bit, especially if both people are sleeping very close together. This is not a problem with separate mattresses.

What about the gap?

If two mattresses are placed next to each other, the result is a stinging sensation, which is especially disturbing when cuddling, embracing sleep and during sexual activities. But that does not necessarily mean buying a full-length mattress because it can be easily removed. Using a mattress wedge, also called love bridge, connect both mattresses together.
In addition to the mattress wedge, you can equip your 2 mattresses with a mattress topper, creating the feeling of a single large mattress.

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