26 Inch youth bike comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the 26-inch youth bicycle comparison or test 2018

  • A 24- or 26-inch bike is no longer referred to as a children's bike, but as a youth bike. From 130 cm height, children should use a 24-inch bike - from 140 cm children can then change to 26 inches.
  • Derailleurs have more gears than hub gears - disc brakes have more braking power than rim brakes.
  • Of course, traffic safety has the highest priority. As a result, front and rear reflectors and reflectors on pedals and spokes duty. Non-slip pedals and two brakes should also be available.

26 Inch youth bike comparison 2018: inch

Children ride a bike

The Germans love their bike. According to a 2015 survey, 29.7% of respondents said they cover a distance of 501 to 1,500 kilometers per year (source: fahrrad.de).

Whether on a sunny weekend with friends or family, on the way to work or to school -Bicycles are after the car of the Germans favorite means of transportation, In order for the smaller ones to get their money's worth, it is advisable to choose the young adolescent with a suitable youth bicycle in order to introduce them safely to the road traffic.

In our comparison of 26-inch youth bikes 2018, we have looked at the best youth bikes in 26 inches once more and can help you with our purchase advice to find the right for you youth bike.

1. What types of youth bikes are there?

What does the customs declaration stand for?

The inch indicates how big the diameter of the tires is - then the frame size of the bike depends on this size. The bigger the tires in inches, the bigger the bike overall.

Even among the youth bicycles, there are not only countless manufacturers but also different categories of bicycles. In addition to the BMX bicycles, mountain bikes and city bikes, there are of course also other types of bicycles with Dutch bikes, racing bikes, girls' bikes and e-bikes.

The most relevant types for comparison are explained in more detail in the following table, so that you already know what to look for when you are interested in a bicycle for your offspring:

BMX bikes

26 Inch youth bike comparison 2018: inch

  • have motorcycle handlebars and extra thick tires on a small bike rack
  • used for tricks: no lights, only a braking system
  • Wheel is throughnot suitable for traffic
mountain bikes

26 Inch youth bike comparison 2018: bike

  • also called MTB
  • are particularly suitable for uneven terrain like forests or stony landscapes
  • characterized byrough tire profile andadjustable shock absorption
  • Complete lighting system and mudguards no standard - easy to retrofit
City bikes

26 Inch youth bike comparison 2018: bike

  • Term covers large group of bicycle types - u. a. Holland bike and cruiser
  • almost without exception roadworthy
  • often with luggage rack
  • occasionally also equipped with baskets (eg from Cube)

2. You should pay attention to this when buying your youth bike

2.1. Circuit & brakes

The Brakes and the gears are next to the lighting system probably the most crucial elements on a roadworthy 26er youth bike. It is important that your child can easily reach and operate the brake lever. Your nearest bicycle technician can also set the ideal distance between the handle and brake lever accurately.

26 Inch youth bike comparison 2018: inch

A rotating circuit is better for children because of its ease of use.

But also the gear shift is important and facilitates the use of a youth bike immensely. For children and adolescents has turned the rotary switch ideal, because these can be implemented by the children easier than the shift lever gearshift.

If you want to buy a youth bicycle 26-inch, you have the choice between a hub gear and a derailleur. derailleurs have a freewheel instead of the resignation, This means that the pedals can be turned infinitely against the direction of the trike.

Which Advantages and disadvantages of this derailleur compared to a hub gear we have summarized for you below:

  • cheaper
  • Weight of the bike evenly distributed
  • thanks to finer gradation of the gears better power conversion
  • Smaller repairs at home easily possible
  • more susceptible to falls and collisions
  • maintenance complex

In the hub the chain can not jump off; besides, the circuit is too more resistantbecause the crucial components are installed in the hub and thus protected against external influences. In addition, your offspring can hold on to the handlebar grips thanks to the installed coaster brake with both hands.

The advantages and disadvantages of the hub gearbox compared to the derailleur at a glance:

  • very robust mechanics
  • Withdrawal offers additional braking function
  • less maintenance
  • costly
  • The weight of the bike is mostly on the rear wheel
  • Repairs possible only by a specialist

Choosing the right frame is just as important to choosing the right youth bike. Until the age of ten Children should choose a walk-through frame - which facilitates the entry and exit. Frames with a bend downwards or with a Y-frame are particularly suitable for the little ones, especially on mountain bikes.

Tip: If your child is standing with both legs on the floor, the space between the upper frame tube and the crotch should be at least ten centimeters.

2.3. The StVZO approval

26 Inch youth bike comparison 2018: comparison

Taillights and reflectors are essential for roadworthiness.

So that the bicycles of your Filius or your Filia are also roadworthy or roadworthy, it requires a so-called StVZO approval. So that your personal test winner among the 26-inch youth bicycles safe, the bike should have certain components.

In addition to the two independent brakes, two firmly bolted and non-slip pedals and the functioning light system front and rear, the roadworthy youth bike must have a light-colored bell. Of course, the reflectors on the pedals and in the spokes should not be missing. These requirements also apply to children's bicycles.

3. Questions & answers about youth bicycles with 26-inch tires

3.1. Is there a test for 26-inch youth bicycles from Stiftung Warentest?

26 Inch youth bike comparison 2018: youth

Even the so-hot bicycle helmet, which is so unpleasant for many young people, can become a really cool accessory.

The testing institute does not yet have a specific test of these youth bikes in the program; so there is not a 26-inch youth bike test winner so far. However, the foundation has carried out a children's helmet test.

A total of 19 children's bicycle helmets in a price range of € 22 to € 75 have been put under the microscope.

The result:9 out of 19 helmets received the overall rating "Good", 2 of the models were so large that they no longer provided adequate protection and 3 helmets were loaded with critical amounts of pollutants, called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which may be carcinogenic. Read the full review of children's helmets here.

Experts check:Have your offspring's youth bike checked at least once a year in a bicycle workshop or by a specialist in the specialist trade for full functionality.

3.2. Chain too long: Can I shorten the bicycle chain myself?

New chains can sometimes be longer than they should be for your children's bike. You do not have to bring the chain back and exchange, but you can easily cut them yourself - how it works is explained in the following video:

3.3. Do you get a 26-inch bike for teens under € 100?

As with children's bicycles, you should always make friends with teenagers on the idea of ​​not buying the cheapest bike you can find. After all, this is not just about longevity, but also about the safety of your children on the road. Even for a cheap 26-inch youth bike you should invest at least € 200, to get reliable materials

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