3 Clever tips to optimally furnish your attic apartment

3 Clever tips to optimally furnish your attic apartment: optimally

the essentials in brief
  • Bright wall colors highlight roof beams and visually enlarge the space.
  • Different light sources provide the right mood for every occasion.
  • Effective use of niches and corners provides more storage space.

Setting up a flat with sloping ceilings is a challenge, but also offers you unique design options. Turn niches into cozy cozy corners or practical storage space.

A great view is also a peculiarity of top floor apartments and should not be hidden behind opaque curtains and blinds, yet you need especially under the roof methods to prevent strong sunlight and blazing heat in the summer.

With our furnishing tips you can design your attic apartment in three steps to a comfortable home and bring the special flair to its best advantage.

Tip 1: Bright walls increase the attic apartment

3 Clever tips to optimally furnish your attic apartment: optimally

Visible roof beams are the highlight of a loft.

A professional design of your penthouse starts with the right ceiling and wall design.

Roof beams and rafters are visible, put the wood in scene to highlight the special charm of your attic apartment. This works best with a light wall paint. Wooden beams in a natural look, harmonize with white walls especially good. If that is too monotonous, use soft pastel shades or light gray and beige tones.

3 Clever tips to optimally furnish your attic apartment: furnish

Bright walls make small rooms with a slope look bigger.

A very low pitched roof and little light, the rooms of penthouses often seem small and dark. Help here too bright colors, you enlarge a room optically and reflect the incident light. It becomes more creative with a wall pattern and borders.

There are art lovers special fastening systemshanging up the Pictures on the slope enable. The wallpapering of a sloping roof is a bit more demanding than with a vertical wall, with the large selection of great wallpaper, but worth taking this opportunity into consideration.

Be creative and tune the design of the walls on the decor of your penthouse, so later everything will give a coherent overall picture.

Tip 2: The right lighting ensures coziness in the loft

If the sloping roof does not permit the mounting of conventional lamps, they are Light bars, cable systems and built-in ceiling or wall spots a chic alternative.

Especially nice is one indirect illumination of the slope from below, With wall lights can be achieved here a great effect. For the different needs of light intensity in the individual areas, you can tune the different light sources to the respective living area. In the kitchen bright lamps are practical to illuminate all areas of the work surface.

On dimmable light above the dining table can be customized and provides the right mood for a candlelight dinner or breakfast. For additional light sources in the living room without complex installation, there are Floor lamps or stylish light balls which make the attic very comfortable. Create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom Fairy lights and dim night lamp.

Extra tip: A small disadvantage of apartments in the attic, is the heat that jams underneath on hot days. Use decorative curtains or light-reflecting blinds on your skylights and cool off with a stylish ceiling fan. Doubly practical, one Fan with lamp!

3 Clever tips to optimally furnish your attic apartment: optimally

Sunken spots are good for sloping ceilings.

3 Clever tips to optimally furnish your attic apartment: furnish

A fan with lamp provides light and cooling.

Tip 3: Small furniture, great effect - matching furniture for your penthouse

3 Clever tips to optimally furnish your attic apartment: your

Adjust your furniture to the slope for optimal use of space.

Due to the many slopes, the biggest challenge when setting up an attic apartment is choosing the right furniture. For the interior, instead of the conventional wall unit or the large wardrobe, so rather flat and customized furniture, The niches and corners offer special design options and should be used optimally.

To create storage space in the so-called Drempel or knee stick are Lowboards and chests practically. Also sitting and sleeping in the slope are particularly cozy. A deep sofa, without feet or a large beanbag can also be set up at low ceiling height. For example, a flat living room table harmonises with this.

Or you use instead of a table Storage boxesthat serve such a dual purpose. For optimal use of space beveled shelves and room dividers, which adapt to the angle of the ceiling, ideal. Anyone who does not find anything suitable in the trade, turns to a carpenter or even builds a DIY shelf of stacked fruit and wine boxes.

3 Clever tips to optimally furnish your attic apartment: furnish

Deep furniture with storage space are ideal for the top floor apartment.

Deep beds, for example a futon, find space in the bedroom under low ceilings. If the ceiling height allows it, a bed with a bed box can also provide additional storage space. Setting up a bed or couch under a skylight is definitely worth it. During the day the view over the rooftops can be enjoyed, at night the stars twinkle down on you.

For hobby astronomers, the loft has the special charm that the view through the skylight is not obstructed. If you enjoy observing the night sky, a telescope on the skylight is just right. Have fun planning and setting up your attic apartment!

  • Author: Yvonne Bräunig

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