3D printer: templates, ideas and instructions

3D printer: templates, ideas and instructions: ideas

In our review, where we have a 3D printer had to build himself surprised the purchased 3D printer kit with a very good result. Not because it's a high-end device, but instead it stood out for its perfection in setup and easy entry for any 3D beginner. Step by step, you learn the structure of a video construction guide to know the functions. With the structure comes the understanding, which subsequently facilitates the operation and, if necessary, the fault finding.

Whether the 3D printer performs comparatively high quality or not, he should fulfill a task. A 3D printer is used Manufacture of desired componentsthat serve as a spare part, decorate or just make fun. Be it the broken lever on the old tool, for which there are no more spare parts or the individual housing for the Raspberry Pi. The application areas are almost unlimited.

Where can I get free 3D printer templates?

Being able to understand and operate your 3D printer is just a step in printing a 3D model. How a finished model emerges, we present here: From SketchUp to the 3D model.

3D printer: templates, ideas and instructions: instructions

Templates for the 3D printer

However, a prerequisite for the creation of your own projects is the mastery of a corresponding project graphics program, Even if every aspiring 3D printer should deal with it, it itches naturally in the fingers and the first self-built 3D printer would like to be observed with his printing object. Of course, there are several ways to download 3D printing models for free.

For one thing, of course, one can be relevant Forums and portals looking for 3D printing, but the selection found is mostly limited and very specific. In addition, there are some websites that offer a wide selection of free 3D printing templates. Examples would be here: //magazin-3d-druck.de/, //thingiverse.com/ or //nasa3d.arc.nasa.gov/. Another and recommended variant is the use of SketchUp, which should also be used as software for creating your own 3D models. It is easy to operate and exports the required STL file. For a more detailed explanation, we would like to refer again to our instructions for creating a 3D print:From SketchUp to 3D model

In the free software SketchUp leads the link "3D Warehouse" under "Window" to a huge selection 3D modelsthat can be used for free. Here, however, a little caution is required, the provided 3D models refer to the design with SketchUp and are partly not intended for expression or suitable.

Our 3D printer kit remains in use

The tester from our Printer test, which we have painstakingly built ourselves, is of course not dusty in the workshop. It is tried, tested, optimized and learned. This results in more or less meaningful projects that want to present as a suggestion here. They should be stimulation, broaden the horizon for possible own creations and may of course be used free of charge.

If you have your own ideas, who would like to help others and would like to share them, feel free to contact us. With your permission, we will introduce these here. The background should of course be the general usage and the free exchange.

Print lid for glasses and cups yourself

3D printer: templates, ideas and instructions: instructions

Print lid for glasses and cups

Sit outside in the summer, soak up the sun and enjoy a cool drink. A beautiful idea that can end painfully if the wasp attracted by the sweet drink lands in the glass and is accidentally swallowed. Of course, we are not thinking of our pain, but of the poor animal that drowns.

Frequently, there is a search for some means to cover the glass and to deny the animals access to the drink. However, such aids, such as beer mats or the like, have a disadvantage - a gust of wind and they are in the dirt. Really fitting lids, which close the glass and sit securely, are unfortunately rarely found. So what is closer, so yourself to print matching lids? The own design with SketchUp is pretty easy and leaves adapt to different diameters, A simple idea that can be implemented quickly, but is extremely practical. With different colored filaments or even decorations can even be so Assign glasses and everyone stays with his drink.

Wall bracket for the hand vacuum cleaner PAS 18 Li from Bosch

In that case, the application is a bit more special and emerged Own needs in our workshop.

3D printer: templates, ideas and instructions: templates

Wall bracket for the PAS 18 Li

Such a hand vacuum cleaner in the workshop is real practically, Quickly remove the chips from the drill table, the few sawdust, for which hand brush and dustpan not worth sucking or make the crumbs disappear from the Naschkram of the workbench. Of course he should Hand vacuum cleaner always at hand and yet not in the way. So on the wall with it.

However, the otherwise very practical sucker is sold without wall mount and the search on the net does not offer much. Therefore, the little help from us: Who one Wall bracket for the PAS 18 Li needed, should that Spare parts service from Bosch call and at the Spare parts to the sucker check. There can be the matching bracket even quite cheap to order.

3D printer: templates, ideas and instructions: printer

3D printer: templates, ideas and instructions: printer

For our workshop, this is a bit large and where else is the fun of the 3D printer? Finally, the creation of new models also serves learning. That's how one really came into being practical holder, which uses the small collar on the battery and thus keeps the sucker safe.

Wall bracket for routers or similar

3D printer: templates, ideas and instructions: printer

Router Wall Mount

Many devices, like Router, modem or telephone like to be attached to the wall. What if the old device has to make way for a new one? Rarely, the holes match and more must be placed in the wall. That's exactly what should be avoided.

Therefore, the idea came up to build a bracket that fits into the old holes is attached and has nosesinto the new routers mounted becomes. Although this solution is at first very individual, but can be Move pegs slightly in the SketchUp model and thus adapt to any other device that is to be attached.

Bit wall mounts for quick grip

3D printer: templates, ideas and instructions: instructions

Print bit holder yourself

Many use a wooden strip in which they drill a few holes to accommodate screwdrivers or bits on the workshop wall or a cupboard. So I have some time ago to find in our test workshop. However, the self-built bit mount had to give way to a workshop remodeling and has always stood somewhere in the way. One would like to miss such a possibility, however, because for the quick short screwing such bit mounts are simply practical.

Since there was no room for the old bar with bits in the converted workshop and it also did not fit in color, a new solution had to be created. Optimal for this is of course the 3D printer, This was built from a kit itself and now builds various brackets yourself. The advantage is definitely in the free measure choicethat can be adapted to the available space. So arose in total five holders for five bits each, bit holder or countersink.

3D printer: templates, ideas and instructions: instructions

3D printer: templates, ideas and instructions: ideas

Damped hard disk holder against unwanted vibrations

3D printer: templates, ideas and instructions: printer

Muted plate holder

Anyone who installs a computer in individual parts in a closet or renounces the original computer case during case modding, must watch where and how he accommodates the hard drive (s). Lots Brackets, however, transmit the vibrations directly to the housing and cause an unsightly background noise.

To avoid these vibrations, the Hard drive to be stored steamedwhat, ideally, over rubbers is realized. Again, the 3D printer helps in DIY. After a few tries between Material thickness and length of spring travel in relation to the weight of the hard disk.

The brackets are from screwed to the hard drive on both sides and this can be set up absolutely vibration-free. If the bracket is additionally attached, can also be eyebolts Attach.

Dial gauge stand for setting up the 3D printer

3D printer: templates, ideas and instructions: printer

Dial gauge for setting up the 3D printer

For our 3D printer kit, the printing surface must, as instructed by four screws in the corners be aligned. This happens in most cases with a sheet of paper, which is pushed between the printing bed and the nozzle. But that works more exactly with one altimeter, However, holders for dial gauges are hardly available in this form and are then usually very expensive. However, only one is needed Holder in which the dial gauge fits and which offers a straight edition.

To set up the self-built altimeter is simply on the Heating bed provided and in every corner of the Distance to the pressure nozzle set to the same degree, It can hardly be more accurate. Then the general distance between nozzle and print bed can be adjusted.

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