Fold 3D stars

Fold 3D stars: shape

At Christmas time is not only extensively feasted, but also a lot of crafting. Finally, the whole house should be festively decorated. Particularly popular is the crafting of stars for windows, doors and Christmas tree.

You can easily start with paper and scissors, step up to sticky stars made of paper and other materials and finally end up in the supreme discipline of star making: Fold 3D stars.

Again, there are different variants. 3D stars can consist of several modules or just a single sheet of paper. We chose the latter option and show in a detailed step-by-step tutorial how to fold an impressive 3D star yourself. For better traceability, please click on the individual illustrations.

Fold 3D stars: star

3D star: material and tool

Material and tools

  • 1 sheet of square paper
  • 1 folding leg (optional)

You can use the commercially available copy paper with a thickness of 80g / qm. However, two-colored origami papers are especially beautiful. In our example, the paper is red on one side and ornamentally patterned on the other.

The rabbets make the folds very precise. You can also use a ruler or just your fingers to do the folds. It is crucial that you pay attention to the accuracy of fit of edges or corners. Care is required.

Step 1: Fold square basic shape

Fold the square paper twice in the diagonal and in the middle. This results in eight triangular fields on the paper sheet. Turn it so that the corners are facing up, down and to the sides (Fig. 1).

Take lateral corners and place on the bottom corner. Also fold the top corner of the sheet towards the bottom corner. Viewed from above, the result is a square which is open at the bottom (Fig. 2).

Fold 3D stars: star

Fig. 1: Sheet with folds

Fold 3D stars: stars

Fig. 2: Combined basic form

Step 2: Prepare folds for diamond shape

Guide both lateral corners to the middle and smooth out any folds (Fig. 3).

Fold the upper corner down over the inside-folded corners and also smooth out the resulting fold (Fig. 4)

Fold 3D stars: stars

Fig. 3: Fold the lateral corner to the middle

Fold 3D stars: stars

Fig. 4: Fold the upper corner down

In this way you prepare the square basic shape into the diamond shape in the next step (Fig. 5).

Step 3: Fold diamond shape

Grasp the bottom corner of the open side of the basic square shape and fold it upwards (Fig. 6. & 7). Smooth out the resulting edges.

Fold 3D stars: star

Fig. 5: Square with folds for the diamond shape

Fold 3D stars: shape

Fig. 6: Grab the lower corner

Also fold the back of the basic square shape in the manner described above to make a rhombus out of the square (Figure 8).

Fold 3D stars: fold

Fig. 7: Fold the lower corner upwards

Fold 3D stars: fold

Fig. 8: Repeat fold on the back

Step 4: Open diamond shape to the star

Grasp the upper tips of the diamond shape on the front and back and fold down (Fig. 9). It is a shape resembling a kite (Figure 10).

Fold 3D stars: stars

Fig. 9: Fold down the upper tips

Fold 3D stars: stars

Fig. 10: Opening the dragon form

In this dragon form, grab the lower tips and open the shape into a star (Fig. 11).

Fold 3D stars: shape

Fig. 11: Four-pointed star

Fold 3D stars: shape

Fig. 12: Fold in a square

Step 5: Fold the star into a triangle

Fold down the four points of the star so that the folds form a square around the center (Figure 12).

Then guide the tips of the star towards each other, sinking the center of the star inwards in the mold (Fig. 13). The resulting shape resembles a school bag or a triangle (Fig. 14).

Fold 3D stars: shape

Fig. 13: Push the star together

Fold 3D stars: stars

Fig. 14: Bag or triangle

Step 6: Fold outer rays of the star

Fold all the tips of the triangle upwards. The tips should look a little beyond the top edge of the mold (Fig. 16).

Fold 3D stars: shape

Fig. 15: Grasping the tip

Fold 3D stars: star

Fig. 16: Fold the tip over the top edge

The new shape looks like a paper boat or a pointed hat with a high brim (fig. 18). You can already see the outer rays of the finished 3D star.

Fold 3D stars: shape

Fig. 17: Repeat fold on all sides

Fold 3D stars: star

Fig. 18: Folding the lower corner to the middle

Step 7: Fold inside rays of the star

Fold lower corners of the "shuttle" to the center on all four sides of the mold. Again, smooth the edges carefully.

The result is a shape that resembles a maple leaf (Fig. 19).

Fold 3D stars: fold

Fig. 19: Maple leaf

Fold 3D stars: fold

Fig. 20: Opening the mold

Step 8: Open the star

Grasp the outer tips of the maple leaf and open the shape into a star (Fig. 20).

At first you see only one square and four rays behind it. It's the back of the 3D star (Figure 21).

Fold 3D stars: star

Fig. 21: Rear of the 3D star

Fold 3D stars: stars

Fig. 22.: buckling edges

Step 9: Increase 3D effect

To increase the 3D effect, the four side edges of the square are bent slightly towards the middle (Fig. 22). As a result, finished star is not flat on, but protrudes plastically into the room.

Increasing the plasticity of the 3D star is also achieved by setting up the inner rays of the star (Figure 24). This 3D star looks impressive and is suitable for a variety of Christmas decorations.

Fold 3D stars: shape

Fig. 23: finished back

Fold 3D stars: shape

Fig. 24: Front of the 3D star

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