5 Creative ideas for indirect lighting on walls and ceilings

Indirect light sets completely new standards in living room design. Those who used to be literally dazzled by lampshades and reflectors should devote themselves once to the subject of indirect light conditions.

It does not take long until it becomes clear that the modern form of spatial and lighting design offers a lot of comfort with unexpected perspectives. Here we present five creative suggestions of different living areas.

The living room with a new character

Let's start in the living room. Everyone wants to relax after a long day. The new form of interior design shows the light source no longer open, but covered or covered. Reflected outwards, softer, indirect light is now generated that radiates throughout the room. Atmospheric and pleasing to the eyes are light sources that are mounted behind the television. There are various options available. The standing TV with installed wall and indirect light or the wall-mounted TV including indirect lighting made of LED strips. If you like it very noble, choose LED strips with color change, so the right atmosphere is created depending on the time of the day or the season.

Indirect light in the bathroom

The sober bathroom quickly becomes a private wellness room with an indirect light bar. Thanks to practical LED strips, completely new perspectives can be created here. The specially coated strips are attached to the floor above the tiles with profile strips on the floor. Also, an installation on the floor with color changer is conceivable. The relaxation bath gets completely new dimensions with a light bar, which changes its colors as desired.

Good light is especially important in the entrance hall or stairwell. But even the replacement of a wall lamp creates a completely different mood. Lampshades that are closed forward only let out the light at the top and bottom. In the end, the steps to the next floor are still very well lit, the light is scattered over the entire landing. In conjunction with a decorative wall paint, this previously carelessly designed area now appears completely in a new look. Even more interesting ideas for the installation of indirect light can be found here.

Anyone who believes that the bedroom is still lit with a chandelier and two bedside lamps today is mistaken. Especially in the bedroom, indirect light is a highlight. Beds with high headboards are back in fashion. At the same time offers a console or a colorful wall decoration as a base to install new lamps. Generally, the farther the light source is from the respective surface, the wider its cone of light. In practice, this means that the desired lighting effect can be tailored. Alternatively, the light can radiate from the floor into the bedroom and is mounted directly on the skirting board on the existing cable channel.

A shadow gap fits in every room

To install indirect light, a shadow gap is ideal, which can basically be installed in any room. The very purpose of a shadow gap is the visual enhancement in the room. An advantage of such an installation is the individual location. Because it is not only mounted between ceiling and wall, it can also be used on furniture. In old houses, it helps to hide bumps while providing the use of indirect light.

Image: © 3darcastudio - Fotolia

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