Acacia wood - what fuel value does this wood have?

At first glance acacia wood seems almost too good to burn. In view of the relatively cheap price and the excellent calorific value, acacia wood (actually robinia wood) is certainly a very good alternative to heating. What is the calorific value of this wood, and where other benefits lie, you will learn in this post.

Acacia wood for heating

When burning in a chimney or wood-burning stove, the rule is: the harder the wood and the higher the calorific value, the better the heat output. Robinia wood is on par with the best woods, as shown in the table below:

SpeciesCalorific value per kg (in kWh)Calorific value per rm (room meter)
Oak4.2 kWh per kg2,100 kWh
beech4,0 kWh per kg2,100 kWh
robinia4.1 kWh per kg2,100 kWh
birch4.3 kWh per kg1,900 kWh
Spruce4.5 kWh per kg1,500 kWh

The differences between room meter values ​​and kg values ​​result from the gross density (weight) of the wood. Decisive in practice is always the room meter value. A room meter is a stack of wood 1 m long, 1 m wide and 1 m high. The room meter is the usual measure when buying firewood, so you can compare prices there.

Calorific value and calorific value

However, one must always differentiate between calorific value and calorific value - colloquially, this is always set the same, however, both values ​​differ in practice by about 10% lower. If you always compare the same value (in each case calorific value or calorific value), the difference does not matter.

Price-heating value ratio

The price of robinia wood is as good quality lumber at around 950 - 1,050 EUR per m³. In comparison, oak is usually in the same price range, only beech is slightly cheaper with around 600 - 800 EUR per m³ (depending on the type of wood and source of supply) as sawn timber. Approximately the same ratio applies to firewood - beech is thus the cheapest option, but not much cheaper than Robinie. In practice, if you get low on Hungarian Robinia wood, so that may well be an alternative to the classic "Buchenscheiten" as firewood.

Tips & Tricks

When we talk about acacia wood we almost always mean robinia wood, because the "real" acacia wood in our trade hardly exists

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