Accents set with red mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are in vogue. They allow not only in the bathroom, but also on walls of the kitchen and living areas its own and very special look. Almost all rooms can be made homely and decorative.

Optically appealing

The individual tile squares of the mosaic tiles in red look rather inconspicuous with a size of one to three centimeters. Their radiance unfolds only in the grouping. They are available as patterns or uni, the surface of ceramic or glass makes the color appear intense and light reflections form.

The design of the areas are virtually unlimited. Individual surfaces can be accentuated, wall niches become a decorative eye-catcher, the pre-wall installation can be clad or the washbasin environment can be emphasized.

Simple and versatile attachment

Mosaic tiles red can be easily mounted on the floor or on the wall. Even curved surfaces or surfaces with unusual shapes can be easily designed with this type of tile.
They do not always have to be placed exactly in a row, but also curved arrangements are allowed. As a result, entire wall surfaces can be provided with the red mosaic tiles without appearing monotonous.

Glass or ceramics?

Red mosaic tiles are available in different variants. You can choose from glass mosaic, crystal glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, glass mosaic with natural stone, river stone mosaic, natural stone mosaic or pure natural stone mosaic. Pay attention to the area in which the tiles are to be used.

Glass mosaic is already available from 30, - Euro per square meter, with natural stone mosaic is expected to 10, - to 20, - € more. Porcelain stoneware mosaic has a high price, it can be at 100, - to 200, - € per square meter.

Tips & Tricks

Red mosaic tiles can be used indoors and outdoors. It is best to have a color sample before purchasing so that you can check the quality.

Video Board: How to install glass mosaic tile backsplash, Part 3 grouting the tile