Clean acrylic paint and brush

Acrylic paints are now likely to be the most commonly used colors. Nevertheless, many do-it-yourselfers still do not know too much about these particularly environmentally friendly colors. Also cleaning the brush of acrylic paint is such a point. The following guide explains how to clean a brush used for acrylic paint.

Acrylic paint is becoming more and more important

Acrylic paint has been offered since the 1940s. At that time it was offered especially for artists as a replacement for the slowly drying oil paints. Acrylic colors are also characterized by a high color brilliance. Even cars have been painted in the past with acrylic paints.

Acrylic coatings are much gentler

In contrast to the previously used synthetic resin paints (or alkyd resin paints), the proportion of harmful vapors is considerably lower. However, the mechanical strength is significantly lower, which is why acrylic paints can not prevail in all areas.

The composition reveals more for cleaning

Children's paints, radiator paints, paints for metal, wood, etc. are made of acrylic varnish. Even on glass is applied acrylic paint. Thus, DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists can quickly ask themselves various questions, such as the heat-repellency of acrylic paint or even very simple questions on how to clean the brush of acrylic paints. It is good to know from which components acrylic colors consist:

  • color pigments
  • Acrylic binder or acrylic resin
  • mostly water as a dilution
  • possibly additives and additives (heat-resistant, UV-compatible, weather-resistant, etc.)

In the components is then also the answer, how to remove acrylic paint from a brush: quite simply with water. However, at the beginning we also wrote that acrylic paints are appreciated by artists because of their fast drying.

The acrylic paint must not dry in a brush

If acrylic paint is dried, it is not only impermeable to water. It is also absolutely resistant to water. This means that you need to clean a brush immediately after working with acrylic paint. The color should never dry.

If the acrylic paint is still dry

If the paint is still dry, you can try alcohol. However, this can also quickly damage a paint brush. A more efficient approach is to try to scrape off the dried paint or press the brush together. The dried color will literally "crumble" if you are lucky.

Not only brushes need to be cleaned of acrylic paint

But not only cleaning a brush of acrylic paint differs from synthetic resin and nitro lacquers. Even on the skin, acrylic paint is difficult to remove. This is not important because you quickly get wet with paint. Acrylic paint is also used by bodypainting artists.

Tips & Tricks

Even children's paints are usually offered today based on acrylic paints. Especially here it is even more important to know if acrylic paint is poisonous. Our guide provides all important information and valuable tips for you.

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