Repair acrylic tub quickly and easily

In the case of acrylic tubs, heavy use or improper handling may cause cracks or other minor damage. To eliminate them, the help of a professional is not always necessary. Repairing an acrylic tub is not a problem with the right tool and a little tact.

Depending on the type of damage different materials are needed. These can be found in well-sorted hardware stores. For smaller cracks are particularly suitable:

  • 2-component filler
  • Harder
  • spatula
  • Repair Spray
  • Wet sandpaper

In this repair option, the acrylic tray can be repaired from the visible side. First, the surface to be treated with the help of alcohol or alcohol and sandpaper thoroughly cleaned of dust, dirt and bumps. After drying, the filling of the scratcher can be started. First, the putty and the hardener are mixed together, so that a homogeneous mass is formed. In this case, the correct mixing ratio of the manufacturers must be observed in order to ensure correct curing of the materials. The mass can now be applied to the scratch.

Now the putty must harden thoroughly. Then remove any unevenness with water and the wet sandpaper so that the acrylic pan is smooth and even throughout. After curing, the repair spray is applied. This can certainly be done several times to achieve a correct seal.

Larger areas to be repaired require extensive work. For this purpose, the following materials are additionally required, which are available both in the hardware store and in the car accessory trade:

  • polyester resin
  • glass fiber mats
  • abrasive paper
  • Polyester resin or fiberglass putty

This damage is done from the back of the acrylic pan. The area to be repaired is first roughened with the sandpaper so that the glass fiber mats can be glued correctly. Now the polyester resin is applied with the spatula. It is important to note that no resin gets on the inside of the acrylic pan. On the applied resin now a suitably cut piece of fiberglass mat is pressed. After a sufficiently long drying phase, the tightness of the tub is checked, if necessary, can be worked on each other with several glass fiber mats.

Following the complete drying of the underside, the top is filled with a 2-component mass and hardener as described above.

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