Adhesive and reinforcing mortar: what prices do you have to expect here?

Adhesive and reinforcing mortars are similar throughout their product properties, but both exist in different designs and with different applications. Accordingly, there are also price differences. How prices are here and what affects the price, read here in this post.

Adhesive and reinforcing mortars have a variety of uses

Adhesive mortars are mainly used for the laying of stoneware and tiles, while traditional reinforcing mortars are mainly used for embedding reinforcements and sticking polystyrene panels.

In addition, both mortar types but in different versions have other uses. As a combined product, there are then also in the trade also many different adhesive and reinforcing mortar.

Applications for reinforcing mortar

  • Gluing and laying porcelain stoneware tiles and slabs
  • Sticking of polystyrene plates with ETICS
  • Embedding reinforcement fabric
  • as a feltable spatula plaster on plan stones
  • as an adhesive for calcite plates
  • for revising old facades

The prices for adhesive mortar and reinforcing mortar

In the case of adhesive mortar, which is generally a bit more expensive in most designs, the prices are around 0.75 to 1.10 EUR per kg, while for reinforcing mortar most products are in the range of about 0.50 EUR per kg dry mortar.

Somewhat more expensive are always the products of the big, well-known manufacturers, while no-name products can often be a bit cheaper. Adhesive and reinforcing mortar are in the same price range as reinforcing mortar - around 0.50 EUR per kg.

That way you can save costs

See which mortar class and mortar group is right for your purpose, then compare prices. If you tend to avoid the well-known brands, you usually save costs, the quality is almost always comparable due to the strict standardization.

Tips & Tricks

Familiarize yourself with the mortar classes and mortar groups according to the DIN - this is often an invaluable help, if you are looking for a suitable product or want to compare product properties.

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