Adhesive mortar: not only for bonding tiles

With adhesive mortar also tiles and porcelain stoneware tiles can be attached - but this is not his only area of ​​application. In addition, there are different qualities with consistently different properties. You can read more about this product, its prices and sources of supply on the Internet here.

Adhesive mortar has several uses

Very often, adhesive mortar is used to bond tiles or porcelain stoneware. But adhesive mortar is also used for other fastening work in the construction sector.

When installing thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS), an adhesive mortar is also used to secure the polystyrene panels. However, here usually a "light" variant is used.

Reinforcing mortar is very similar to the adhesive mortar in terms of its properties, therefore there are also products that can be used in both areas, as adhesive and reinforcing mortar. But again it is a separate product class.

Application areas for adhesive mortar

  • Gluing and laying porcelain stoneware tiles and slabs
  • Gluing tiles
  • as a substrate for thermal insulation systems

Prices for adhesive mortar

Depending on the product quality you use, the prices may vary. Well-known manufacturers are usually always more expensive than the cheap products or private labels in some hardware stores. Usually the prices for adhesive mortar start at around 1.10 EUR per kg.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • The online building materials retailer offers a wide range of often reasonably priced building materials as well as a wealth of information on the individual product classes and the correct processing.
  • The Amazon Baumarkt has a large selection of building materials from many well-known manufacturers. Pay attention to the delivery conditions.
  • The well-known manufacturer also has some adhesive mortars in the program, which are suitable for a variety of uses.

That way you can save costs

Compare best the prices of different manufacturers and hardware stores. However, you should always adhere to the required mortar class and mortar group according to DIN - so you can be sure that you are not using an unsuitable product.

Tips & Tricks

Find out about the individual mortar classes and mortar groups in the DIN - this is initially confusing, but then helps to quickly find the right product. It's always worthwhile to acquire this knowledge.

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