Build advent calendar yourself

Build advent calendar yourself: build

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Christmas greetings dear blog readers

- I'm not like that yet. It's pretty cold, but when I look out of my patio door everything is still green. Maybe that's because there are mainly coniferous plants here. Maybe the Christmas feeling will change, even if we decorate something for the first advent. Emphasis is on something. ?

Today, as promised, my next special Christmas panorama. Since the first of December and thus the time for the first door is not far away, you should sput and provide the children, yourself or your loved one with an advent calendar. I have just read a saying on Facebook: "It does not matter how old I am - I want a Christmas calendar!". That's the way it is!

So that now the last stragglers have a chance on a special calendar, I would like to present to you today some that everyone can make themselves. Actually a good opportunity to spend the weekend tinkering with the kids. The first door can then be opened on Monday.

Cardboard rolls-Upcycling

Build advent calendar yourself: yourself

Advent calendar from cardboard rolls

Who makes enough piles throughout the year, should have no problems with this calendar. ? No, of course you can also use other cardboard rolls, such as kitchen towels or even carpets. Well, I think the upcycling idea of Nähmarie and the individual design options. Especially when everything is colorful at Christmas, such a decent advent calendar can bring some peace into the hectic and exaggeratedly colorful life.

Diamonds & copper

Build advent calendar yourself: advent

Advent calendar or decoration?

I like smooth edges, geometric shapes and simple colors. That's why I want from Nähmarie to introduce yet another calendar. Although I must confess here, not necessarily to see the calendar. I like this form of decoration, which will certainly look good on blank or with small photos. Maybe this is even an incentive for me to finally conjure some pictures on the wall.

Pantone Cottage

Build advent calendar yourself: calendar

Pantone cottage as an advent calendar

At the Cuchikind awaits you the craft work with the children. Cute little houses, the first for crafting fun and later provide excitement and surprises. Look under the third picture for the small "here", there are the little houses even for printing. If you want to be even more romantic with the children, you can print out 24 little houses without paint and paint and decorate them with the children. A great idea and for such artwork you have to pay elsewhere. Thank you Cuchikind.

Ikea Moppe Advent Calendar

Build advent calendar yourself: yourself

Advent calendar with a lot of space

The golden fawn is great and hits you right. "A party!" As she says herself. And I can well imagine this advent calendar. In the first purchase certainly not so cheap, it goes neat what. That would be something for us home improvement - in each subject fits a small tool and the wardrobe is then the 24th door. I am inspired - my wife too?

Advent calendar fir-tree

Build advent calendar yourself: build

Here the home improvement can prove

Even do-it-yourselfers do not come up short and ask for it and Toom hardware store this somewhat massive advent calendar. Not only does it offer room for surprises, it also gives you the opportunity to put on more decorations, such as pine trees. Very important dear handyman: Rescue after the 24.Türchen your workshop lamp.

Advent calendar from mug

Build advent calendar yourself: yourself

Advent calendar made of paper cups

Paper cup, surprise in, figure on it and ready. No way! And I have imagined it easier, or not everything thoughtfully. Luckily, it offers mini drops a complete video as a tutorial and also explains the small important points, such as closing the cup. I had not thought of that. Thus, the calendar is quite easy to implement and to tinker with children. The decoration can be adapted to every taste and every decor.

Paper forest advent calendar

Build advent calendar yourself: yourself

simple decorative winter forest

With nicest things we end up with my decoration taste again. Simple design, simple colors and with the right lighting yet atmospheric. The production is very simple and no "household" utensils are needed. Cut paper, turn bags, decorate and finish.

The fast Christmas calendar

Build advent calendar yourself: calendar

Advent calendar for vouchers

Now we come to a very special Christmas calendar. Although this one offers of Residential: Project no place for small gifts, but for interesting coupons and the like. That would be something for the beloved or the dearest. On the 1st a peck, on the second a massage.... on the 24th... well, I leave that to your imagination. I love the idea and the simple and rustic design.

Sewing DIY advent calendar

Build advent calendar yourself: calendar

Sewn advent calendar

Finally, we come to a very special advent calendar. Many have already built and crafted, but sewn? At least not yet. As it is at modage but as soon as the matching pattern is available, it should be possible for everyone to do it with skillful hands. I like the idea, the shape and above all the choice of materials. The color is just great with the stripes, patterns, stars and symbols. The advantage of the calendar is certainly also the possibility to use it always differently and decorative at other places.

I know, there are still hundreds of great self-made advent calendars and you can also find many things to do with advent calendars. This should only be a selection that I personally like and should show what is possible. I would like to sincerely thank the nice bloggers and bloggers who have provided me with a picture for this post.

Your Ricc

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Video Board: 10 DIY Advent Calendar Idea / HOW TO!