Tinker Advent Calendar - Free Christmas Calendar Templates

Free crafting instructions and craft ideas for original advent calendars

Tinker Advent Calendar - Free Christmas Calendar Templates: christmas

In the run-up to Christmas an advent calendar shortens the days until Christmas. If you are looking for a crafting guide for such a calendar, you will find a large selection of links to free online tutorials, often with templates for printing and downloading. It starts with the simplest last-minute calendars that are quickly made from paper and cardboard boxes. Somewhat more sophisticated are decorative and original calendars made of fabric, felt or lavishly crafted cardboard figures are for hobbyists with more time.

Advent calendars made of wooden boards or plywood are only suitable for advanced home improvement. Even unusual advent calendar ideas are presented: by Arduino-controlled Door systems to the beer advent calendar for men is all there.

Advent calendar of toilet paper rolls and cardboard rolls

  • Klorollen Advent Calendar with shooting stars "

    Simple instructions for a decorative Advent calendar of cardboard rolls as a garland with shooting star motif. The filled and pasted rolls are hung on a leash with clothespins.
  • Klorkollen Advent Calendar Christmas Figures "

    Varied advent calendar with Christmas figure groups from cardboard rolls. Extensively illustrated step-by-step instructions for Santa Claus, reindeer, houses, firs and snow clouds made of cardboard.
  • Klorollen Advent Calendar "Snowman" "

    Illustrated instructions for an advent calendar for advanced hobbyists in the shape of a snowman. Made of toilet paper rolls, fabric and cardboard. Decorated with wool scarf, cylinder and brush.
  • Advent calendar "Christmas tree candles"

    A small, artificial Christmas tree is decorated with "candles" from toilet paper rolls and serves as a Christmas calendar.
  • Fir tree from cinder rolls "

    Simple advent calendar made of paper rolls, which are zusammengekelbt in Christmas tree shape.
  • Klollen Scroll Calendar "Penguins" "

    Advent calendar made of individually arranged Klollenollen penguins. Craft template for printing.
  • Wall Hanging Roll Calendar "

    Make a simple advent calendar as a wall hanging from toilet paper rolls.
  • Roll Advent Calendar "Snowman" "

    Child-friendly craft template for a Christmas calendar made of toilet paper rolls and cheese box in the form of a snowman. Templates and templates as a free print template.
  • Advent calendar angel "

    An easy-to-tinker Advent calendar with Christmas angel motif from toilet paper rolls and cheese box.
  • Advent Calendar City "

    Advent calendar with houses made of cardboard rolls in in a cotton-and-snow landscape. Illustrated, child-friendly manual.
  • Cracker Candy Advent Calendar "

    Instructions for advent calendars or New Year's baubles made of cardboard rolls and felt: In glass vase or hung on a satin ribbon. With Christmas motifs as a template for printing.
  • Wichtelwald "

    Instructions for a varied advent calendar made of toilet paper rolls with Santa Claus figures, fir trees and jute sacks.

Make advent calendars out of matchboxes

  • Advent calendar numbers for box calendars "

    Free printable templates with calligraphic labels for matchbox calendars.
  • Advent calendar from matchbox drawers "

    Child-friendly project description: Matchboxes are glued together to form a simple Advent calendar chest of drawers with drawers as drawers. The calendar is decorated with snowflake motifs.
  • Advent calendars make from matchboxes, gemstones and decorative paper. The boxes are glued together in the form of a fir-tree.
  • Reindeer calendar from matchboxes "

    Simple and fast crafting instructions for an advent calendar with cute reindeer motifs. The reindeer are printed on A3 paper using the free artwork. The bodies of the reindeer are covered with the matchboxes. Suitable for children.
  • Advent Calendar Matchbox Pyramid "

    Crafting instructions for an advent calendar made of matchboxes in pyramid shape with felt roof gluing. Illustrated manual.
  • Advent calendar box tower "

    Child-friendly crafting instructions for an advent calendar made of matchbox decorated with metal foil, which are glued together to form a tower.

Tinker cardboard box advent calendar

  • Window Advent Calendar with Cottage "

    Simple craft instructions with printable craft template for a decorative Advent calendar of 24 houses on cords, which are hung on the window. Craft sheet for the house boxes.
  • Last Minute Advent Calendar "

    Super easy crafting instructions for a surprise box from a painted Kleenex box with 24 individual gifts that can be drawn daily. Super fast instructions for beginners.
  • Engel-Mobilé as advent calendar "

    Crafting instructions for a mobile with 24 angels made of cardboard and gold foil as an advent calendar.
  • Nintendo Advent Calendar "Super Mario" "

    An advent calendar with computer game theme in the style of Super Mario. Instructions with pictures.
  • Advent calendar in house form "

    A large cardboard house receives 24 windows, which can be opened to small gift packages made of cardboard. Ornament with napkin technique.
  • Advent calendar with origami boxes "

    Christmas idea for an advent calendar made of folded origami boxes made of pattern paper to be tinkered with. Folding guide for the boxes as illustrated step-by-step instructions.
  • Dice package for advent calendars "

    Make gift packages yourself after a craft template. Folded out of metal paper and glitter lacquer.

Advent calendar made of paper and envelopes

  • Advent Calendar "Christmas Candy" "

    Simple instruction for Advenskalender with Christmas sweets from wrapping paper and gift ribbon for the individual days.
  • Paper bag calendar "

    Advent calendars with filled paper bags made of wrapping paper tinker for putting down or hanging. Illustrated manual.
  • Bag Advent Calendar on the hanger "

    Instructions for a paper bag calendar with attachment to an old wooden hanger. The bags are decorated with straw stars and hung with golden eyebolts.
  • Little Mouse Advent Calendar "

    Simple crafting instructions for little paper mice as an advent calendar made of paper, Christmas napkins and foam rubber.
  • Very Last Minute Advent Calendar "

    Simple crafting instructions for an advent calendar from advertising catalogs. For desperate parents.
  • Numbers for advent calendars "

    Colorful, decorative print templates for numbers to download for advent calendars in various sizes.
  • Advent calendar with hanging envelopes "

    Crafting instructions for a beautifully designed Advent calendar with small envelopes (alternatively: matchboxes), which are decorated with washi tape and hung on a branch. The print template for the typographic daily figures is available as a free PDF download.
  • Calendar for tea lovers "

    Box of paper for 24 teabags with different teas as a simple Christmas calendar for tea lovers. Print template with colorful motif for printing.
  • Reindeer Bag Advent Calendar "

    Advent calendar with printable reindeer as bags for small attentions. Free template for download.
  • Advent Calendar Clock "

    Advent calendar clock with angel motif from Tonkarton. The Christmas angel indicates the current day. With free print template. Suitable for children.
  • Geldmobile as advent calendar "

    Advent calendar with small paper notes, in which coins are glued in as a gift of money. The notes are hanging on a Mobilé from branch crosses. Educated guide.
  • Envelope Advent Calendar on Stretcher "

    Crafting instructions for an advent calendar with 24 paper metal letters on a large canvas. The canvas is decorated with an angel motif in napkin technique and illuminated with a string of lights. Illustrated step-by-step instructions for advanced hobbyists.
  • Braided Heart Pocket Calendar "

    Advent calendar with braided hearts made of crafting foil as small bags.

Advent calendar made of wood

  • Rustic Advent Calendar Build "

    Construction manual for a wooden Adventskaldender in abstract fir shape from boards. The gift bags are attached to wood screws. Illustrated manual.
  • Christmas Decorations Advent Calendar "

    Instructions for a decorative gift tag advent calendar made of a plywood wall hung with all sorts of Christmas decorations pendant, which also serve as a gift.
  • Advent calendar as a wood fir tree "

    Advent calendar in the form of a fir-tree made of two offset plywood boards. Detailed, illustrated manual for do-it-yourselfers with pattern prints. Painted and decorated with decoupage technique.
  • Clothespin Board as Advent Calendar "

    An advent calendar of small pouches attached to painted clothespins on a snowman board. Instructions for advanced hobbyists.
  • Advent calendar made of decoration ladder "

    Construction manual for an advent calendar from a wooden ladder for advanced do-it-yourselfers. On the ladder rungs the gift packages are e.g. Draped as a jute bag.
  • Advent calendar "Christmas tree" with hooks "

    Construction manual for a wooden advent calendar with Christmas tree motif. The gifts can be attached to small hooks. Alternatively, the wooden Christmas tree can be decorated with Christmas decorations.
  • Advent calendar "fir tree" made of MDF wood "

    Construction manual for an advent calendar made of an MDF board in fir-tree shape with wooden doors. Illustrated manual with blueprint and cutting template, material list and tool list for advanced do-it-yourselfers.
  • Wooden Santa Claus with Advent Calendar "

    Elaborate crafting instructions for a large wooden statue of Nicholas with a jute sack, from which children can extract 24 surprises on strings. Blueprint with cut template as download. For advanced home improvement.
  • Jigsaw Advent calendar "Reindeer"

    Advent calendar with reindeer figure as a printable cut template for the fretwork
  • Jigsaw Advent Calendar "Tannenbaum"

    Crafting instructions for a Holzadventskalender as a jigsaw template. A3 template with jigsaw template and daily sticker for printing. The gifts are attached with pins.
  • Reindeer Rudolf as rocking animal "

    Wooden figure for advanced home improvement as an advent calendar: Reindeer Rudolf with practical space in the stomach for Advent gifts. Illustrated instructions for replicating.
  • Extended Advent calendar as a carousel "

    Elaborate advent calendar on a wooden plate as a carousel tinker with gifts until New Year's Eve.
  • Zaunlatten Advent Calendar "

    Illustrated instructions: Attach star hooks to a wooden staff, the attached gifts are packed in metal paper. Suitable for advanced hobbyists.
  • Wooden Spoon Advent Calendar "Reindeer" "

    Jute bags are attached to a wooden spoon with reindeer motive. Illustrated manual.

Canned Advent calendar and metal calendar

  • Metal Box Advent Calendar "

    Instructions for an upcycled advent calendar made of painted peppermint jars on a cardboard base in Christmas tree shape.
  • Can Calendar "One Thousand and One Nights" "

    Make colorful advent calendars from 23 small tin cans and a large tin.
  • Can Calendar "Nicholas" "

    Crafting instructions for little Santa Claus and Santa Claus from tin cans for Advent calendar gifts. Template for St. Nicholas decoration to print.

Bag Advent calendar made of fabric, felt and wool

  • DIY advent calendar for men "

    Crafting instructions for a simple Advent calendar for men made of shiny black tea bags with calendar pages. Numbering through leaves of a tear-off calendar.
  • Advent calendar with felt gnomes "

    A high-quality, durable cloth advent calendar with cute felt gnomes that hide the presents in a sack. Illustrated handicraft description with the instructions as a PDF download.
  • Felt Advent Calendar for Men "

    Unusual instructions for a male-stylish advent calendar as a felt folder and envelopes with painted, typographical daily numbers in stencil font.
  • Knitting calendar "Christmas tree"

    Instructions for a Christmas calendar with knitted gift bags and socks, which are hung on a likewise knitted Christmas tree base.
  • Crochet Pattern Advent Calendar "Owl Heads" "

    Extensively illustrated instructions for crocheting an advent calendar with owl motifs.
  • Mathematical advent calendar with masking tape "

    Extraordinary Christmas calendar idea, suitable for schoolchildren: The calendar days have to be calculated. Crafting instructions for a garland calendar made of teabags, which is decorated with masking tape.
  • Advent calendar sachets from fabric leftovers "

    Sewing instructions for advent calendar bags from fabric scraps, which are counted with number buttons. Illustrated manual.
  • Knitted Advent Calendar "Woolly Hats" [PDF] "

    Instructions for a knitted wool calendar with 24 small caps. Knitting instructions for long and short woolen hats and description of attachment to a sisal cord.
  • Shabby Chic Wooden Box Calendar "

    Illustrated instruction

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