Adventskranzbasteln - Bastelanleitungen for Advent wreaths and Advent arrangements

Handicrafts in Advent: Wreaths for the contemplative Advent season

Advent is the time of the early Christmas season. For this we make an Advent wreath and light a new candle every Sunday in Advent. The wreath shows us how much longer we have to wait for Christmas. Each candle symbolizes one of the evangelists.

Whether wintery, simple, rustic or colorful and playful: In our rich selection of links with free craft instructions for Advent wreaths for every taste of the right Advent wreath here. This makes crafting an Advent wreath a great pleasure.

In addition, there are ideas and instructions for those who want to make an unusual Advent arrangement instead of the classic wreath.

Handicraft instructions for modern Advent wreath

An Advent wreath does not always have to be rustic or simple. How about a wreath of Christmas baubles or sweet cinnamon sticks, speculoos or just a candle? Links to craft instructions for playful and unusual Advent wreaths can be found here: Bastelanleitungen for modern Advent wreath

Consultation page for a modern Advent wreath

But maybe you would like to be inspired first and collect creative ideas. So if you are just looking for design suggestions for a modern Advent wreath, then the advice page that is located here will help you: Design ideas for a modern Advent wreath

Make classic and rustic Advent wreaths yourself

Advent wreath for indoors

from fir branches, Thuja branches Advent wreath blank, wire
at Gärtnerblog

Advent wreath made of fabric

A colorful and individual Advent wreath made of fabric and aplikationen.
at fabrics blog

Advent wreath of moss with tea lights

A fresh green Advent wreath with tealights, which can be used over and over again.
with Klee and Kleiber

Rustic Advent wreath

Advent wreath made with a wreath, Christmas baubles, candles and decorations in rose tones
at picture of the woman

Tie Christmas wreath

Step-by-step instructions for binding a classic Advent wreath from a straw blank. Illustrated manual

Advent wreath with felt figures

Very detailed description for a colorful Advent wreath. Including free sewing pattern.
at Kreativlabor Berlin

Christmas wreath with mistletoes

Crafting instructions for a beautiful Advent wreath with Christmas balls and mistletoes

Simple Advent wreath

With this basic guide, you can make a traditional wreath out of a straw wreath, fir green and four candles.
at Treffpunkt-Ostsee

Rwandan Advent wreath of the Salesians Rangos

Detailed, illustrated instructions for crafting an Advent wreath with bracket.

Christmas crafting ideas

Crafting instructions for stars made of paper or polystyrene for Advent wreaths, arrangements, lanterns, window pictures or as tree ornaments
at Active Renter

Traditional Advent wreaths

wire with fir, thuja, pine etc. on straw wreath, with candles
at craft elf

Bind Wreaths: Instructions

for summer wreaths and winter and Advent wreaths
at craft ideas

Tie Advent wreath itself

With straw wreath as blank fir green, candles, conifers
at plant tips

Handicraft instructions for a frosty and winter Advent wreath

Advent wreath of cones

Make advent wreath out of pine cones and decorate with snowflake ribbon. - Crafting instructions for a door wreath or table decoration.
at Casarth bears

knitted Advent wreath

An interesting Advent wreath of knitted fabric remnants. Simply decorated.
at princess colorful

Nordic frosty Advent wreath

Decorated with white and gold Nordic Advent wreath.
at Stilreich

Frosty Christmas wreath

Simple DIY instructions for a frosty Christmas wreath with bells, decorative beads, bows and pieces of wood
at Alice and Caligula

Frosty LED light wreath

Crafting instructions for a wintry light wreath with LEDs as Advent arrangement, door or Advent wreath
at Alice and Caligula

Advent wreath as a tray

Crafting instructions for a modern Christmas wreath on a wooden tray with balls and stars
at Alice and Caligula

simple Scandinavian annual wreath

Simple guide with pictures for an alternative from pine wood to the traditional Christmas wreath.
I'm a home improvement

Silver Advent wreath

Wreath with wool cover, four candles and frosty stars tinker
at Nicest things

Bending Plush Snowflake

Make scattered items for the Advent wreath from bent plush
at Kids Action

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