Make Christmas wreath itself - crafting instructions for homemade Advent wreaths

The idea of ​​simply buying an Advent wreath in a supermarket, in a furniture store or at a florist is naturally tempting. It's easy, fast and convenient. But not always the quality or the design of the wreath corresponds to your own ideas.

Make Christmas wreath itself - crafting instructions for homemade Advent wreaths: homemade

Those who value an individual, high-quality Advent wreath, which is perfectly matched to their own home decor, should therefore one Make Christmas wreath yourself, That's easier than most think.

Which branches should you use? How to tie the Advent wreath correctly? How to fix the candles? And how do you best arrange the decorative elements? Whether classic-traditional or modern-playful, here you will find the right tips and tricks for Advent crafts.

Material list for a homemade Christmas wreath

To make an Advent wreath you need the following material and tools:

  • Blank of styrofoam, straw or willow branches
  • possibly green crepe paper
  • green flower wire and pliers
  • secateurs
  • possibly hot glue gun
  • Fir, pine or spruce branches
  • possibly branches of false cypress, juniper, thuja, boxwood etc.
  • Kerzenteller
  • Decoration like ribbon, cinnamon sticks, orange slices etc.

Which branches to use for an Advent wreath?

Many conifers such as fir, pine or spruce are suitable for a wreath. After some time, however, they lose their needles. If the branches were not fresh, it can be after a very short time.

Make Christmas wreath itself - crafting instructions for homemade Advent wreaths: christmas

Fir branches for an Advent wreath

Good additions and alternatives are therefore cypresses like False cypress, juniper or Thuja. They also dry out over time, but do not need to. Evergreen deciduous trees are also suitable for the production of an Advent wreath. These include, for example Buchs, Holly or Ivy. In addition, you can extend the life of an Advent wreath with a daily ration of water from the spray bottle.

A combination of different coniferous and deciduous shrubs looks particularly lively and fresh, as it results in a wonderful play of colors from different shades of green. But caution is advised here: some evergreens such as ivy, stinging wood and books are poisonous, such Advent wreaths should be placed or hung out of reach of children.

How to tie a wreath?

If you have a bright Styrofoam blank If you want to use it, you should first wrap it with green masking tape. This avoids that the blank shines through between the dark branches. In the blanks made of straw or willow branches, however, this is less dramatic, the natural fibers can also remain partially visible and incorporated into the optics.

Make Christmas wreath itself - crafting instructions for homemade Advent wreaths: instructions

Self-bound Advent wreath

Depending on the size of the Christmas wreath, fifteen to twenty centimeter long branches are cut out in bundles with pruning shears and fixed two to three times with green flower wire. The wreath appears particularly voluptuous when the branches are first tied into small posyches and then fastened.

Important is the branches or posy like tile or fish scales always slightly offset so that the blank is evenly covered all around. Outside longer branches are incorporated, inside shorter branches. The wire ends should be anchored in the blank. This serves the look and minimizes the risk of injury.

At a table wreath the underside is omitted, so that the wreath can lie flat. At a hanging wreath The bottom is also equipped with branches. This should especially be done if you want to make a Christmas wreath yourself, which is hung free, and you can see both sides.

Fix candles on the Advent wreath

Even if you see it again and again, you should not just fix the candles for the Advent wreath with a wire. Due to the unsafe condition, the risk of fire is too great. It is best to always use Kerzenteller, The top and bottom are equipped with a large thorn. This ensures that the candle holder is securely anchored in the garland and that the candle has a good position.

Make Christmas wreath itself - crafting instructions for homemade Advent wreaths: homemade

Take care when using real candles.

Also recommended are self-extinguishing candles. A special patent prevents hot wax from leaking and igniting. In addition, the flame goes out by itself and thus reduces the risk of fire considerably.

If you only want to use commercially available candles, you should not blow out the candles, but extinguish them with a candle extinguisher. Because when spitting sparks could fall on the branches or decoration and ignite the wreath.

Basically, burning candles should never be left unattended, should not be placed near flammable materials and be out of reach of children. Setting up on a fireproof pad with sufficient clearance from the environment can help prevent accidents.

Decorate Advent wreath

Once the candle plates have been fastened, they are decorated with the Advent wreath. You can either make the wreath as symmetrical as possible or largely decorate freely. In both cases, you should prepare the necessary decorative elements in sufficient numbers.

Make Christmas wreath itself - crafting instructions for homemade Advent wreaths: instructions

For decoration any Christmas decoration can be used.

So you can tinker wonderful ribbons from colored ribbons or make cute bouquet from different Christmas balls. Decoration elements such as stars, cinnamon sticks, angels and other Christmas motifs complete the picture. These should be fixed with wire or hot glue, then the Advent wreath can later be easily moved or swaying in the wind, without losing its decoration.

The choice of materials, colors and their combinations are great. Whether classic Advent wreath or modern Advent wreath - the Advent wreath-self-tinkering creates a very personal decoration that perfectly on the home furnishings and the rest Christmas decoration is tuned.

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