Creating an Advent wreath - the best tips and ideas

An Advent wreath can indeed buy ready, but the self-design is in any case more beautiful. Tips and ideas for designing yourself and some new trends for the Advent wreath can be found in our article.

Tie Advent wreath itself

The tying of an Advent wreath is not witchcraft. All you need is a blank, some spruce and wire to tie. Then you can decorate the Advent wreath very easily yourself. You can also make the blank yourself - different materials are suitable for this:

  • long tendrils (for example from hops or ivy)
  • birch twigs
  • willow branches
  • broom branches

Create blank - instructions

Just take a cake pan as a template and place the twigs around the mold. Then fix the branches simply with wire, your blank is ready. If you want, you can buy the blank instead of your own design but ready - there are these rings made of steel, Styrofoam and straw in most craft shops.

Mount pine sprigs

You then only have to wrap the blank with pine spruce, which you also fix with wire. It is best to use only very high quality spruce from the Nordmann fir or the noble fir. Both are hardly prone to needling, are very durable and visually very beautiful.

Before binding, you must also thoroughly moisten the blank once more. If you place a layer of moss between the blank and the fir-spruce, which you then moisten, the fir-spines will dry out even less quickly. So the Advent wreath stays fresh for a long time.

Decorate Advent wreath

First you have to attach the candles. Use the best candle dish. You can also fix the plates with wire if you want. Alternatively, you can attach candles in other ways. In any case, make sure that the candles can not fall over or slide down.

Then you can attach more decorative items on the wreath. Pine cones are very good for this, they can also be easily attached using a wire loop. In addition, you can also use nuts, dried orange slices or Christmas tree balls to decorate. Your imagination knows no bounds here.

Alternatives to the bound wreath

Instead of tying a wreath with fir-spines, they can also use a completely different form of Advent wreath. Many modern Advent wreaths do without the wreath shape and simply place candles next to each other. Some examples can be found in our special article.

Most of the modern Advent wreath variants now use wood in various forms. They can be either rustic or quite simple, many also go well with modern decorating styles (such as shabby chic). It is allowed, what pleases, applies in this area. Some creative possibilities and some instructions for a wooden Advent wreath can be found in this article.

Tips & Tricks

If you use blue annealed wire (instead of green sheathed), you can later add the wreath completely to the compost. The wire rots there too (sheathed wire does not).

Video Board: How To Make an Advent Wreath