Advent wreath: modern and homemade

The classic bound Advent wreath has long since served its day in many households. More modern variants are in demand - but you can easily do that yourself. Some ideas can be found in our article.

Possibilities for design

Basically, an Advent wreath consists of four candles placed side by side. That is its fundamental function - and that's all it takes.

The way in which you connect the four candles is up to you. But it does not always have to be the classic, bound Advent wreath. We would like to show you some creative possibilities for modern interpretations of the Advent wreath.

Advent plate

Just take a visually appealing plate and place four different pillar candles on it. You can also choose the candles in two different colors.

The remainder of the plate you can adorn with Christmas deco items at will. But make sure that everything matches color. Around the candles you can also distribute decorative sand or pine boughs.

Advent candle

An Advent Candle is a very special candle: It is lit not only on the four Advent Sundays, but every day. Like an advent calendar, it therefore has a division with 24 markings.

It is best to use a classic, unadorned christening candle. Place it in a matching candle holder and fix the candle holder in a construction of suitably bent wire hangers.

The candle can then be easily marked with gold or other color with the appropriate markings.

Numbered candles in a casserole dish

Simply lay out a casserole dish with moss and sprigs of pine and distribute appropriate decorations in it. In the middle place four stick candles in a row.

So that the white candles do not seem so boring, you can simply write the numbers 1 to 4 on the candles in beautifully written letters. It is best to use a suitable waterproof pen. You can also spray the numbers using stencils and paint.

Colorful Advent wreath with tealights

Just take a wreath and stick it on Christmas deco items until the wreath is gone. This is an interesting and visually appealing alternative to the traditional bound Tannenkranz.

Instead of the classic Advent candles you put on the top of the wreath simply tealights in matching glass holders. Make sure that a harmonious picture results in terms of color and appearance. That's often not easy.

Happy Christmas wreath with Christmas balls

You can also completely glue the wreath to (small) Christmas tree balls. Choose varied and colorful colors and try to achieve the widest possible variety of colors.

The candles are simply placed on candlesticks, which they attach between the balls. This proposal is also a good idea to bring old, no longer needed Christmas tree balls to a meaningful purpose.

Tips & Tricks

Rustic and yet appealing are especially wooden wreaths. They are also often done very quickly.

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