Advent wreath needles - what can you do?

As with the Christmas tree, the needles are a real plague in the Advent wreath, which can ruin the whole joy. What you can do, so that the wreath stays fresh longer, and what helps against the needles, learn in our article.

Cause of needling

If an Advent wreath needles, the cause is always in too much dryness of Tannenreisigs. The branches dry out over time and then discard all their needles.

There is no way to stop needles. In such a case, only rebuilding an Advent wreath helps.

Durability of Advent wreaths

As a rule, classic Advent wreaths are wrapped and bound with fir green. Depending on the nature of the sprigs and the freshness of the branches during processing, the durability of the Advent wreath can be very different.

The most recommendable is the self-binding of the wreath. Pay close attention to which fir round you use. The most suitable for this is the spruce of the noble fir (Nobilistanne), since there is little tendency for needling. If you are using very fresh pine sprigs, then you should not have the problem with needles.

Proper storage of the Advent wreath

As usual in earlier times, the Advent wreath should preferably not be placed in heated rooms, but stored cool and dark as possible.

If you store it in the cellar or on the balcony during the week, and only bring in the candles for Sunday, the Christmas wreath will last much longer.

Moisten Advent wreath

The occasional spraying with water also helps to give the Advent wreath a longer life. It is best to use a nebulizer.

Hairspray on the Advent wreath?

Again and again it is said that you can protect the Advent wreath by spraying with hair spray from moisture loss and thus from the needles.
However, this is dangerous: with the hair spray treatment, the Advent wreath can begin to burn very quickly. In any case, the protection provided by the hair spray is not particularly effective - it is best to do without it immediately and to avoid any unnecessary risk of fire.

Tips & Tricks

The best way to avoid needles, of course, if you immediately put on a modern version of the Advent wreath - such as a Christmas Advent wreath.

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