Keep Christmas wreath fresh: you can do that

The four weeks until Christmas Eve should survive an Advent wreath, if possible, without having thrown all its needles. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. What you can do to keep the Advent wreath fresh and what tips will help you find out in our article.

Problem drying out

The spruce by the Christmas wreath only throws all its needles when it is too dry. Dehydration begins as soon as the fir branches are cut and progresses over time.

If an Advent wreath is bound with not quite fresh fir-spruce, its durability often does not reach the desired date. In addition, the branches of different fir species dry out at different speeds.

Tie Advent wreath itself

A good idea to ensure a long shelf life is the self-binding of the Advent wreath. Use as high-quality fir branches as possible from a sturdy tree - such as a Nordmann fir or a noble fir (Nobilistanne).

These branches are much more durable than other varieties. In this way you can ensure that you have branches with optimum freshness on the Advent wreath.

Moreover, always bind the fir branches to a fresh and moistened plug-in compound. With this measure, you further reduce the natural and unavoidable drying of the Advent wreath.

Store Advent wreath correctly

The problem with the pine spruce is always the comparatively high room temperature in living rooms. If even very dry indoor air is added, the dehydration progresses very quickly.

As usual in ancient times, you should therefore store the Advent wreath in a cool, dark place (in the basement, for example). If you only bring it to light the candles on Sunday in the warm room, the Advent wreath holds much longer.

Regular moistening

If you sprinkle the Advent wreath with a nebulizer regularly, this often works very well. It not only prevents dehydration, but also reduces the risk of fire in dry pine spruces. This measure is definitely recommended.

Tips & Tricks

From a sprinkling of the Advent wreath with hair spray you should look better: This increases the risk of fire enormously and also hardly leads to a significant life extension of the Advent wreath. So you better do without this measure.

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