Guide to the cheap purchase of parquet

There are very cheap parquet to buy, which is sometimes not only cheap in price, but just as cheap produced. If you encounter very low prices, there may be a variety of reasons that you should research to make a sound purchasing decision.

Wear layer and bonding

For multi-layer parquet, the cheapest products have an upper wear layer of two to 2.5 millimeters. Since abrading on average five millimeters of it are removed, the work up is limited.

Especially with very cheap parquet from the Asian region is often saved on the bonding of the layers, which can lead to the detachment of the wear layer. When working on the parquet, damage may occur.

Volume discounts and stocklots

True bargains that are good in quality can be bought cheaply from vendors and traders who turn over large volumes and get good discounts from their suppliers that they pass on. However, this usually only applies to common items such as prefabricated parquet in popular looks.

If your taste allows a little flexibility, you can search specifically for discontinued models and remaining stock. This applies to both multi-layer parquet and solid wood variants.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Hardwood floor
Klickparkett Schiffsboden Beechparkett-aution.com25,90 EUR / sqm
Click floor oak matt lacquermarkenholz.de23,90 EUR / sqm
Solid wood parquet
Oak and Rustic Hardwood Oak Rustickaso-parkett.de37,80 EUR / sqm
Parallelverband natural oak on netparkett-bielefeld.com16,99 EUR / sqm

Second choice and short lengths

As an alternative, there are parquet of second choice that has defects in the surface or has other optical defects. In this area offers of less than twenty euros per square meter are possible, which also apply to prefabricated parquet panels, if they have particularly short lengths and thus force a higher effort in the installation.

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