Aerated concrete blocks - every dimension can be cut to size

The mineral and highly porous building material Poroton is produced by puffing and steam hardening. Through this manufacturing method, there are the stone in four different strength classes and countless practical sizes. The aerated concrete block is disproportionately light for its strength.

Dimensions of aerated concrete

There are actually countless sizes of aerated concrete blocks. These are of course different weight depending on the thickness. However, the weight is always relatively low and therefore larger plan stones can still be easily processed by a worker alone.

Gluing aerated concrete

Aerated concrete and aerated concrete are essentially the same thing. However, the name gas concrete is often negatively affected, so manufacturers have relied more on the name aerated concrete.

Aerated concrete blocks - every dimension can be cut to size: dimension

The light stone has a good insulating effect and is easy to process. In addition, the processing with thin-bed mortar facilitates the walls with autoclaved aerated concrete blocks.

It is only a thin layer of glue or mortar between the paving stones necessary, which is distributed with a toothed spatula. Thus, the stones are well suited for beginners.

Bulk density per cubic meter

Aerated concrete blocks have a gross density of 300 to 800 kilos per cubic meter. After foaming the raw materials, the blocks reach their full volume in about 15 to 50 minutes. The finished blocks have a width of 50 to 80 centimeters.

The numerous stone sizes are cut with wires from these blocks before they are hardened in the steam pressure boilers. At a pressure of ten to twelve bar, the aerated concrete blocks remain in the water vapor for between six and twelve hours.

Strength classes after steam hardening

Different strength classes are generated for different construction areas. The labeling is usually distributed discreetly on the pallets. The strength class 2 should only be used for interior walls without supporting function.

  • green strength class 2
  • blue strength class 4
  • red strength class 6
  • black strength class 8

Tips & Tricks

If you can buy aerated concrete, aerated concrete or expanded concrete blocks especially and unusually cheaply, you should look at the strength class and the manufacturer. In the meantime, there are also black sheep in this area who throw extremely inferior goods on the market.

Video Board: Cutting and trimming CLC foam concrete and AAC aerated concrete array into blocks