Cutting cellular concrete - how do you make exact cuts?

Aerated concrete is a material that is very easy to work with. When building walls, one must nevertheless be careful to attach as exact as possible cuts to the aerated concrete blocks. How to do that, and what tools you can use for it, is explained in detail in this guide.

Suitable tools

Various tools are suitable for cutting aerated concrete blocks. However, if you need to cut more frequently - such as building a house - it pays off to purchase professional tools.

Foxtail or hand saw

For smaller stone formats, a commercially available foxtail with the finest possible toothing can be used. Fine saws should only be used if the saw blade is significantly longer than the stone width.

Cutting cellular concrete - how do you make exact cuts?: cutting

When sawing by hand, be sure to work without pressure. It should always be paid to a very precise guidance of the saw. This requires some practice.

Before sawing, mark the edge of the saw with a pencil and the angle of contact all the way. It has also proven useful to scribe with a nail, because it also creates a Ansetzfurche for the saw. So a more accurate sawing is possible.

Hand cuts are slightly less precise than when using electric saws. In many cases, the accuracy is sufficient.

Electric foxtail

Electrically powered foxtails enable faster and more precise work. However, under no circumstances should pressure be exerted here, and the saw should be guided very precisely.

Blanks with the Electric Foxtail are much less labor and faster than by hand.


In some cases, powerful jigsaws with a suitable saw blade and sufficient depth of cut can be used. In most cases, however, the depth of cut will not be sufficient.

Alligator saws

Alligator saws are the most suitable tool for cutting aerated concrete blocks. They are expensive, but highly efficient and allow very precise blanks.

It must be used for the alligator suitable for aerated concrete, fine-toothed saw blade. For the execution with short sword the DT2973, for the execution with the long sword (43 cm) is the designation of the correct saw blade DT2975. Other saw blades should not be used.

Exact cuts with angles

In order to cut stones precisely, angles are best used. There are on the one hand Anlegewinkel that can be used for marking and scribing. On the other hand, stand angles can be used for cutting, in which the stone can be inserted. This makes highly accurate cuts possible even by hand.

Tips & Tricks

In many cases it is possible to rent an alligator in DIY stores.

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