Reinforcing cellular concrete - you must pay attention to these points

The walls with aerated concrete blocks is easy and time-saving. However, some important and basic things should be considered while building walls. Which of these are and how to proceed with the walls step by step correctly and professionally, tells you the following introduction.

Mark alignment exactly and check

For freestanding, single walls as well as for building houses walls have to be completely exact. Even tiny deviations can severely limit the carrying capacity of the wall.

Alignment and ongoing review is done with three instruments:

  • guide
  • Spirit level and, if necessary, a leveling plate
  • plummet

Reinforcing cellular concrete - you must pay attention to these points: reinforcing

None of the aids may be dispensed with. Walls by eye is inadmissible and extremely dangerous.

Substrate alignment

The wall surface must be completely level and flat. In particular, on the seal a sufficiently strong cement mortar layer is applied in order to align the stones accurately.

mortar thickness

For aerated concrete blocks, thin-bed mortar is used. The thickness of the mortar application must be exactly the same in all places. Instead of the frequently used toothed spatula, the use of a mortar carriage, which is designed for the required layer thickness and stone width, is recommended. Therefore different mortar sleds are required for different stone widths.

mortar consistency

The thin-bed mortar must necessarily have the correct consistency. Otherwise there will be uneven joints.

Always use only suitable mortar and mix exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Always work at a slow speed and a stirrer. Air pockets in the mortar must be avoided at all costs.

If the mortar sets too fast, the stability of the wall is compromised. If the mortar is too soft, the misplaced stone does not hold properly. The borders are narrow here. Therefore always mix only a small portion of mortar, which should be processed as quickly as possible.


If the stone is misplaced, it should still be something "swimming". He still has to move and align himself. Afterwards, the exact alignment is carried out with the use of a spirit level, a leveling board and, if necessary, the plumb line and the alignment line marked with the guideline.

The stone is knocked out and tapped with very light blows with a rubber mallet.

Reinforcing cellular concrete stone - step by step

  • Stones made of aerated concrete
  • Thin-bed mortar
  • cement mortar
  • water
  • directional strings
  • spirit level
  • Accessories for tensioning the guideline
  • straightedge
  • plummet
  • rubber hammer
  • saw
  • corner
  • insulation

1. Underground sealing

Before the walls seal the ground. This is especially important for cellular concrete. Lay one or more layers of insulating foil with 5 cm of supernatant and then apply a layer of cement mortar into which the first stone row is placed.

2. Wall first row

Place each stone exactly on the cement mortar layer from above. Check alignment exactly using the guideline and spirit level (horizontal and vertical alignment). After a few stones with sinker and spirit level plus leveling plate, check the course of the wall.

3. Continue walls

The subsequent rows in the half offset wall. Halve the stones with an angle and a saw. Check the fit of each stone.

Tips & Tricks

Whether the mortar consistency is correct, you can determine with the tooth filling test. Apply a dose of mortar with the toothed spatula and check the strip: If the strips run towards each other, the mortar is too soft. Whether you have masonry properly, you see, if you take off an already laid stone again. The underside must be evenly covered with mortar at all points.

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