Airbed comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the airbed comparison or test 2018

  • An inflatable bed can be put to good use in many situations: an air bed provides convenient service both for accommodating guests, as well as for a camping trip or a festival visit.
  • Airbeds are available in a narrow version for single sleepers and in a wide version for couples. A double bed saves space, but you may feel disturbed by the nocturnal movements of a very restless sleeping partner.
  • An integrated electric pump removes the work of pumping up. Especially with frequent use worth a model with this power and time-saving special equipment.

Airbed comparison 2018: airbed

You consider an air bed for a moderately comfortable emergency sleeping accommodation? The latest generation of airbeds is no longer just a way to offer guests a cost-effective place to stay, but can be used as a long-term place to sleep, with the sleep quality improve significantly.

Wall Street Online reports that lying on airbeds thanks to optimal weight distribution To cure sleep difficulties and tension can. So that you too can enjoy this orthopedic perfect sleep experience, in our airbed test 2018 we draw your attention to the most important purchase criteria when choosing an inflatable bed.

1. What is an airbed?

Airbed comparison 2018: airbed

A guest air bed is not only suitable for accommodating visitors, but also for the first night after a move.

Airbed comparison 2018: 2018

Even with overnight stays in a tent or even under the open sky, an airbed ideally belongs to the camping accessories.

An air bed basically consists of an inflatable cotton or plastic body with astabilizing foam frame, The mattress core, however, consists only of the supplied via a pump air.

In contrast to the conventional mattress, neither cold foam nor metal springs support the body, but simply the ones contained in the inflatable furniture air.

What initially sounds like a little elaborate bed design is actually one spine-relieving alternative to the normal bed - for both short-term and long-term use. Especially for people with back problems and for overweight sleeping on an air bed is recommended.

If you do not want to decide to use the airbed as a permanent sleeping accommodation, we would like to take this opportunity to share with the others Possible uses of the inflatable guest bed familiarize:

  • as a comfort alternative to ordinary guests air mattress:In contrast to the air mattress has an air bed on similar dimensions as a regular bed. Even the feet of tall people usually do not protrude beyond the edge of the airbed.
  • as a comfortable and easy-to-carry side-cot:Instead of relying on the unstable and uncomfortable side beds provided by the hotel on vacation, you can also comfortably accommodate your child on an easy-to-transport single-air bed.
  • as a camping bed: The inflatable bed is also a comfortable and back-friendly alternative to a field or folding bed for passionate camping holidaymakers and festival visitors.

Note: Although the modern airbed is a full-fledged sleeping system, the air can be drained off when needed and the plastic body can be stowed small in the closet or car boot.

2. What types of airbeds are there?

The best airbed meets the needs of the user, especially in terms of dimensions. So before you buy an airbed, you should think about whether or not it is more likely inflatable double or single bed is eligible for you. We will inform you about the advantages and the possible use of both types of airbeds in our airbed comparison.

Air bed typeProperties and use
double bed

Airbed comparison 2018: airbed

The double airbed is wide enough for two peopleHowever, you may feel every movement of your partner during sleep. For permanent use especially in people with light sleep this type of air bed is only partially suitable.

Better for couples who value a lot undisturbed sleep are in this case two separate air beds. To create more closeness, two single beds can also be connected with a fitted sheet.

If you are a couple in the tent The space-saving double bed is often the better choice.

single bed

Airbed comparison 2018: airbed

A single bed is suitable as a portable side bed or as a bed for Children on vacation, but also for the accommodation of occasional overnight guests.

Some people find the single bed too narrowespecially if they tend to move and turn a lot during sleep. The air bed in double bed version is often more comfortable for many single sleepers.

3. Purchase advice for air beds: So you do not get an air number

Whether double or single bed: Whether your favorite model has what it takes to test the airbed depends on the material used and the load capacity as well as the presence of an integrated electric pump.

To make your purchase easier, here are the most important Quality features of inflatable beds in front.

Who refers is clearly in the advantage

A higher sleeping comfort and a more hygienic long-term use can be achieved if the air bed with a Bedsheet is related. The contact with plasticizers, which may be contained in the plastic, is avoided by a sheet.

3.1. material

Most commonly used today in the manufacture of airbeds is a tear resistant fabric PVC plastic, which is usually equipped on the top with a velvety velor coating.

Where the mattress is not coated with velor, e.g. At the side seams or at the bottom, the plastic often exudes an unpleasant chemical odor. A thorough airing of the mattress before the first use is therefore advisable.

Tip: If you are very sensitive to chemical odors, an air bed is off rubberized cotton fabric recommended.

3.2. load-bearing capacity

Airbed comparison 2018: 2018

Even with overloading an explosion of the air bed is excluded, a bursting of the seams, however, not.

So that the inflatable bed under you not unexpectedly run out of air, you should pay attention to the maximum load capacity of each model.

High quality air beds in Double execution can be mostly weighing 200 to 270 kg be burdened and are therefore easily able to carry two heavy people.

A little more caution is with inflatable Single Beds commanded: Your load limit is often already under 150 kg, A single person is usually not a problem for these air mattresses, but if two people deliberately settle on it, rupture of the seams is not excluded.

3.3. Integrated electric pump

Airbed comparison 2018: comparison

An air bed with an electric pump requires less time to build.

The only catch on the inflatable bed is the sometimes exhausting inflation. If you only have one manual pump It can take up to 15 minutes or more to settle before you can finally settle on it, which can be operated by hand or foot.

The bed can be made much faster and more effortless if it has one integrated electric pump which can be easily connected to the mains. Many air beds can be fully inflated in about 3 minutes. If the bed is to be used regularly for accommodating guests, it is definitely worth investing in a self-inflating model.

The most important Advantages and disadvantages of the air bed with integrated electric pump compared to a simple inflatable bed we have put together for you:

  • easy filling and deflation of the air
  • Purchase a separate pump not necessary
  • not usable without electricity
  • Compressor works relatively loud

The following video shows how the airbed with pump can be inflated and vented automatically:

4. Questions and answers around the topic of air beds

4.1. What is better, airbed or waterbed?

Airbed comparison 2018: 2018

An airbed has the waterbed in terms of comfort and cost savings ahead.

The airbed has the waterbed ahead of that no wobbling motion when putting it on or while turning around in sleep is to be expected. Although the airbed ensures a similarly ergonomic support as the waterbed, but the former offers sufficient capacity more strength.

In addition, an air bed is resistant to wear and tear cheaper in operation as a waterbed. In contrast to water, the air core does not need to be heated, and unlike a foam mattress, the airbed is not well through.

Tip: You do not like the airbed-like look of the airbed? Many inflatable beds can be easily installed in a commercial bed, provided that the dimensions are the same. Under the bed sheet, the air bed is then no longer distinguishable from a conventional mattress.

4.2. What does Stiftung Warentest say?

The Stiftung Warentest warns in a report dated 18.08.2016 before buying too cheap air beds in the category "special offer". Many discounter products stand out due to increased pollutant values ​​and emit very unpleasant odors.

Better go with the higher quality models of famous brands and manufacturers:

  • Intex
  • Bestway
  • Wehncke
  • Cairona
  • Ergomaxx
  • Simex
  • Airfux
  • aerobed
  • Coleman
  • Campingaz
  • 10T

4.3. How do I mend an airbed?

Airbed comparison 2018: 2018

A special repair kit for PVC plastics is included with some air beds and makes it easier to patch.

Although modern airbeds are significantly less sensitive to contact with sharp objects, in rare cases a leaking airbed can still occur in the inflatable bed.

However, that is no reason to dispose of the bed. In the airbed test we explain how you can fix your bedroom furniture in 3 steps:

  1. Locate leaky spot:Inflate your airbed in a quiet room and try to find the hole by the sound of the air escaping. If the leak is not directly at the seam but on a smooth piece of surface, the patching is possible. It is best to mark the place with a pencil.
  2. prepare leaky spot:Allow all air to escape, clean the material around the leak with disinfectant or alcohol and then roast it up with some sandpaper.
  3. Stick on patches:Spread liquid glue generously on the affected area and then press firmly on the cut patch. Allow sufficient time for drying according to the instructions for use of the liquid adhesive.

4.4. Which pump for the airbed?

If you do not want your airbed to come out of the cellar once a year for camping, but want to use it more often, the right pump is an important accessory. You have the choice between one space-saving hand pump, one Foot pump with high displacement and one electric pumpthat will do all the work for you if you have a power source.

Hand pump / lift pumpFoot pump / blowerelectric pump

Airbed comparison 2018: comparison

to save space because of small size
easier and more controlled to operate than the foot pump

Inflating can take a long time

Airbed comparison 2018: comparison

is effortlessly operated with the foot
often higher displacement than hand pump

Inflating can take a long time

Airbed comparison 2018: airbed

Also available as an external pump for retrofitting simple air beds
Pumps without effort

relatively loud

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