Air conditioning and ventilation

In the summer prevail in living rooms and in the bedroom quickly bad air and high temperatures, Although air conditioners provide cooling, there is a danger of getting cold if the temperature is set too low. In addition, not every device is suitable for living conditions. The differences between the different devices and how to find the right model can be found in our buying guide. We also give Tips for proper ventilation in the summer and provide a construction manual, with the experienced handyman to build an adiabatic air conditioning itself.

Air conditioning Buyer's Guide

Our purchase advice for air conditioners shows, which differences exist between the air conditioner types, what to consider when buying and what the energy efficiency classes mean. In addition, we inform you about the operating costs and how the devices work.

Build the air conditioning yourself

Air conditioning and ventilation: ventilation

In the summer one longs for cooling off. Experienced handyman grab the tool and build their own air conditioning. Our system works on the principle of adiabatic cooling and therefore consumes very little power. With this construction manual, you build the device. Build the air conditioning yourself

Proper ventilation in summer heat: Cool house without air conditioning

In summer, the air heats up especially in densely populated areas and cities, which is why the air does not cool off sufficiently overnight. The result is warm living rooms and bedrooms at room temperatures of more than 30 degrees Celsius, This is a burden, especially for older people and children. For a healthy room climate, however, regular ventilation is absolutely necessary in order to exchange the used with fresh air.

When to air in the summer?

Air conditioning and ventilation: summer

Airing in the early morning.

In summer, airing should be done before the temperatures rise and warm air enters through the open windows. In the morning and in the evening you can achieve a complete exchange of air with the scorching. Similarly, you can leave the windows open at night. Here should only pollen Allergy Note that at night the pollen count is sometimes stronger than during the day. After the morning airing, the windows remain closed. Lowered shutters or awnings prevent additional heating of the living spaces, especially in the midday heat. Bright finishes reflect the sun's rays better than dark colors, reducing solar radiation by up to 75 percent.

Less effective is a glare protection on the inside of the window, since the sun has already penetrated through the window. Better are tinted or coated sunshades or blinds in bright colors, the radiation up to 25 percent to reduce.

In addition, heat sources such as lights or PC hardware should only be turned on when needed.

Basically, well-insulated houses with a solid masonry warm less in summer than in buildings with poor insulation. This insulation ensures that less heat is lost in winter and keeps the heat outside in summer.

Exhaust air systems: ventilation and energy saving

Air conditioning and ventilation: ventilation

Heat pump with ventilation system during installation.

A comfortable alternative to manual ventilation are Exhaust air and ventilation systems, They consist of fans and supply air valves, which continuously draw air from the room, creating a slight negative pressure that is imperceptible to people. At the same time, fresh outside air flows in via the supply air valves in the outer wall and compensates for the negative pressure. Then the air flows into the other living and wet rooms, thus ensuring a healthy indoor climate.

The installation of such exhaust air systems is possible later and takes place in the outer walls or window frames. Ideally, they should be close to the radiators to avoid cold drafts. For a detached house, the price for an exhaust air system is between 2,000 and 4,000 euros.

Ventilate properly during the heating season

Likewise, regular and thorough airing during the heating season important. If the used, humid air in the living spaces remains an unhealthy climate and mold fungi can form. In order not to lose too much heat outside, you should briefly but thoroughly bump in the winter. For five minutes you open all the windows so that the air is exchanged. Ideally, you should do this two to three times a day.

Ventilation systems with heat recovery

When ventilating, heat is inevitably lost during the heating season. Although the loss falls exhaust systems much less than opening the windows, but depending on the model, between 15 and 25 kilowatt hours per square meter of living space can be lost. The situation is different with a ventilation system with heat recovery, in which the heat in the living rooms is largely retained. The price of such a system is included about 5,000 euros.

In addition, regular maintenance is required. In addition, the filters must be replaced. Both tasks can be done by homeowners themselves. Installation and installation should be carried out by a specialist company.

Wait for auto-air conditioning: Beware of germs in the car

Air conditioning and ventilation: ventilation

Burning eyes and irritated mucous membranes may be an indication of poorly maintained air conditioning.

Air conditioners are now standard in new cars, because they provide in the heated car for a bearable climate. However, here too, the difference between the outside and inside temperature is at most 6 to 7 degrees should otherwise increase the risk of cold.

However, the use of air conditioning can burning eyes and irritated mucous membranes and respiratory tract cause it is not serviced once a year. The reason for this are fungi, bacteria and harmful microorganisms that settle there. Especially in the evaporator unit, which cools the intake air, germs quickly form, which irritate the respiratory tract and mucous membranes.

If you do not keep the air conditioning to a standstill, you risk increasing the number of bacteria and germs, which eventually spread throughout the interior of the car - recognizable by the musty odor. In this case, the air conditioning system must be completely cleaned and desalinated by skilled workers. Likewise, a disinfection of the entire interior is necessary.

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