Pneumatic impact wrench comparison 2018

Purchase advice on compressed air impact wrench comparison or test 2018

  • Pneumatic impact wrenches are among the most powerful impact wrenches and have been designed to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts.
  • A compressor provides the necessary airflow. Via a hose, this passes directly into the device, where it provides the drive. The compressor must be able to supply enough air.
  • Special-interest compressed air impact wrenches in the professional sector, as no overvoltage can occur in the power grid and electric shock and flying sparks are avoided.

Pneumatic impact wrench comparison 2018: impact

The pneumatic impact wrench is also sometimes used as a compressed air screwdriver, compressed air impact wrench, pneumatic impact wrench (from the ancient Greek, pneuma = the wind, accordingly also pneumatic screwdrivers) or quite simply marketed pneumatic screwdrivers. They can be found in virtually every one of the nearly 40,000 motor vehicle workshops in Germany (source: ZDK) and generate the typical rattle noise there.

In our compressed air impact wrench comparison 2018 you get a short Overview of the technical criteria of the devices, The purchase advice also includes a detailed look at Compressors, which are required for operation.

1. Technical units and what they mean

1.1. torque

Pneumatic impact wrench comparison 2018: wrench

The pneumatic impact wrench (here: Hazet 9012UL) can loosen any nut that he himself previously tightened.

The torque of the pneumatic screwdriver determines how tight the screw or nut is tightened and is with itone of the most important purchase criteria.Over several rotations of the engine a tension is built up, which "discharges" itself in individual blows. Thus, a short time and a very high torque is generated.

For many impact wrenches, the torque is adjustable. The best compressed air impact wrenches in our test have one Torque of more than 1,000 Newton-meters (Nm).

1.2. Idle speed

If the speed is high, the working time may be shortened as the screws are turned into the material more quickly. This is particularly relevant when many very screws have to be screwed in - typically the case for assembly work on the building. Often, speed or torque can also be adjusted for the respective use.

For a home user, the idle speed hardly plays a role. It does not save time when changing tires or occasional missions. A value of about 7,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) is therefore completely sufficient.

1.3. Air pressure & air requirement

Bar - a small overview

On the earth's surface there is an air pressure of 1 bar. At high altitudes the air gets thinner. At the Zugspitze the air pressure (weather dependent) is only about 0.7 bar.

In contrast, the pressure increases in the depth - and even faster in the water: around 1 bar per 10 meters. At the bottom of Lake Chiemsee, for example, the pressure is so high that it would be sufficient to operate a striking screwdriver.

The pneumatic screwdriver itself does not require any power source. The air flow from the supply hose sets the spindle in the head of the machine in motion. This requires a sufficiently strong inflow of air and a high air pressure, Otherwise, the tool does not reach its full capacity and is only usable for work that requires less power.

The air pressure describes how much the air was compressed. It is measured in the physical unit bar, If the air pressure in the hose is not high enough, the transmission will not turn fast enough.

In addition, the air requirement of the device must be covered. Although mini-compressors often achieve very high air pressure, they only deliver a few liters of air per minute, Pneumatic impact wrenches are demanding, which is why you can hardly do without a powerful air compressor.

2. The compressor: your source of compressed air

Pneumatic impact wrench comparison 2018: pneumatic

Via a compressor (here a model of the brand Metabo) the compressed air impact wrench gets the air for its drive.

The air for the impact wrench comes from a so-called compressor. This is an electrical device that only requires power from a standard 230V AC outlet for operation. It absorbs air and compresses it in a gas boiler. This air reaches the impact wrench via a hose and drives its gearbox.

Compressed air compressors are available in different versions. Smaller formats are only a few kilograms, but they also provide only little air. In the meantime even battery models are in the market in this category.

Larger machines, however, weigh much more, but in return bring the impact wrench on tour. Many are specially developed for industrial assembly. Whether the purchase pays depends entirely on your intended use.

Pneumatic impact wrench comparison 2018: 2018

Keep an eye on the maximum working pressure for which the parts are designed for compressed air supplies (such as this compressed air hose).

The theoretical maximum performance of the impact wrench can only be achieved with a very high amount of air - more than the compact compressor in your workshop may be able to deliver. But that does not matter: even with less air supply, the impact wrench is functional and for many uses, the maximum torque is not needed.

When turning on or loosening nuts on car tires, for example, 400 Nm (Newton meters) are completely sufficient, sometimes even less, Follow the instructions of the car manufacturer to find them in the manual of the car. Also keep in mind that extra power is required if the screws have not been loosened for a long time and tightened, When loosening impact wrench have more power than when donning.

Make sure that you buy a suitable compressor for your test winner under the pneumatic impact wrench, which can cover its air pressure and air requirements.

In addition to the impact wrench, other tools also require compressed air, including several from the automotive sector:

  • paint spray
  • Sandblasting gun
  • Grind machines pneumatic
  • Pneumatic nailers
  • impulse Tools

Pneumatic impact wrench comparison 2018: wrench

3. Other types of impact wrenches at a glance

In addition to the pneumatic impact wrench, the electric impact wrench and its more flexible brother, the electric impact wrench, are popular models among car-makers and do-it-yourselfers. We compared all three types in a tabular overview for you:

Pneumatic impact wrenches

Pneumatic impact wrench comparison 2018: 2018

Pneumatic tools arrive extremely high torque and attract even unruly screws bombproof.

However, you need for the operation of a compressor, which may need to be purchased first and drives the cost even of a cheap compressed air impact wrench in the air. Outside the workshop or garage operation is hardly possible.

Electric impact wrench

Pneumatic impact wrench comparison 2018: comparison

If the impact wrench is electrically operated, eliminating the tedious handling of the compressor. Just plug in the power plug and you're off. The devices are powerful.

However, it can be easier Sparking ariseWhat makes them in a car repair shop with flammable gases and mixtures only limited use. Also, the power supply of the workshop must not be overloaded.

Cordless Impact Wrench

Pneumatic impact wrench comparison 2018: impact

Electric impact wrenches with battery operation do not depend on the annoying power cord and are can be used everywhere.

However, you are Motor not so strong due to the limited power of the battery, Who wants to carry out a tire change with the cordless impact wrench, must pay close attention to the torque of the impact wrench when buying.

Whether the cordless, electric or pneumatic impact wrench is the best type for your workshop, should not be moored to the cost. Home improvement is usually sufficient for a cordless or electric impact wrench.

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