The air mattress loses air?

It is very annoying when you sleep on an air mattress and wake up on the floor in the middle of the night. But the repair is easier than you might think. Find out below what to do if your air mattress loses air.

1. Find the hole

Mostly the holes in an air mattress are very small and therefore hard to locate. To find the leak, proceed as follows:

  • Fill your air mattress with air.
  • First, check that the air may escape from the valve. Maybe it was not closed properly or is dirty? If your valve leaks, find out what to do here.
  • Apply pressure to the mattress, for example, by lying on it and wander with your hands and ears over the mattress to hear or feel where the air mattress loses air.
  • If this does not work, or if you have only roughly identified the area where the hole is located, put some water and detergent in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on your mattress. The spot where the hole is located will be bubbling.
  • Alternatively, you can immerse your air mattress in water: always press only a part of the inflated (!) Air mattress under water and see if air bubbles rise.

2. Mend the hole

Once you have found the hole, it will be repaired. It is best to buy from specialist dealers or online a repair kit. This includes fine sandpaper for roughening the affected area, glue and patches.
Before you start with the patching, you should thoroughly clean and roughen the area.
We have compiled for you how to proceed with patching step by step.
If the hole is on a seam, no patches can be applied. He would not hold here. Instead, the broken point is sewn together and glued together. How to do that, read in this guide.

3. Let it rest

A patched air mattress must dry out for quite a while so that the repaired area can withstand the air pressure. Let it rest for at least 24 hours (observe the manufacturer's instructions for the adhesive!).

Video Board: How To Find A Leak And Patch An Air Bed Mattress Correctly