Air mattress leaking: This is how you find the hole

Air mattresses are relatively easy to mend. Usually even repair kit is included. But what if the hole is untraceable? Do not worry, with a few simple tricks, find the hole in your air mattress easily!

Find the hole in the air mattress

  • dish soap
  • warm water

1. Inflate the air mattress

To find the hole in your air mattress, it must be filled. So first fill your air mattress with air. The fuller she is, the easier you will find the hole.

2. Check valves

If you can not find the hole on your air mattress, it may be because there is no hole, just because the valve is leaking. To avoid this, first do the listening test: Lie on the inflated air mattress and place your ear to the valve (s). Nothing to hear?

Try it by hand: do you feel a draft?

Finally, add some warm water with dish soap to the valve: Blubber it? No? Then you're in luck, because a leaking valve can hardly be mended.

3. The audition

The audition is best done in pairs: one rests on the mattress and the other turns around the mattress and presses his ear to listen to where the air escapes. If this does not work or if you have only a slight idea where the hole might be, continue to the water-detergent sample.

4. Water-detergent variant

Mix some dish soap with water to make it foam well. Then use a spray bottle or rag to add water to the spot where you suspect the hole. Apply pressure on the mattress again, so that air escapes. The leak bubbles and beats bubbles.

5. Alternative: The dipping method

If you have a pool or a bathtub, you can also use these to find the leak.
Press some of the air mattress under water (preferably in pairs), apply pressure and watch for air bubbles. Do not submerge the entire mattress, otherwise the buoyancy will increase. Here it may be advantageous if the air mattress is not inflated bulging.

Tips & Tricks

Here's how to mend your leaking air mattress.

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