Mending the air mattress: How to repair the seam

If the air mattress is leaking, it is very annoying. But worse is when the leak is on the seam. Some websites even advise against lending a hand here. But the walk to the professional is not worth it for a simple air mattress. Find out here how to easily mend your air mattress at the seam.

Mend smaller holes at the seam

While holes in less complicated places are simply closed with a patch, this does not work on a seam.
Depending on the size of the leak, you can simply try it with glue instead.
Small holes can be sealed with the following adhesives:

  • superglue
  • Two-component adhesive
  • Sure Seal

Apply the glue generously and heat it gently with a hair dryer so that it penetrates well into the hole. Then give your air mattress 48 hours to dry.

Larger holes at the seam mend

  • thread
  • Two-component adhesive
  • fine sandpaper
  • Alcohol for cleaning
  • hairdryer
  • needle
  • Spatula for applying the adhesive

1. Clean

In order for the glue to hold well, the affected area must be absolutely free of grease and dust. So clean it thoroughly with alcohol.

2. Roughing

Another prerequisite for successful repair is the reasoning of the job. The glue does not last well on smooth surfaces. Therefore, rough the area around the hole with fine sandpaper.

3. Sew

If the leak is very large, it is advisable to sew them together so that the adhesive does not rupture. Take a thin but strong needle and thread and sew the hole together with tight stitches.

4. Inflation

Fill the air mattress with some air. Applying the glue to the deflated air mattress runs the risk of it running down to the inside and sticking the mattress inside.

5. Prepare glue

To make the glue a bit more flexible and to better fit the mattress, do not mix it 1 to 1, but add a little more of the binder than the hardener. Mix both parts well.

6. Apply and blow dry

Apply the glue generously to the sewn area. Then blow dry the bonded area so that the glue liquefies and seals all areas.

7. Wait and drink tea

The air mattress should under no circumstances be fully inflated or even used before the glue has dried out. Therefore, give your airbed 48 hours rest.

Tips & Tricks

If you use your air mattress for swimming, you should make sure that the glue you choose is waterproof.

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