Mop the air mattress yourself

It is annoying when you float comfortably on the lake on your air mattress and suddenly realize that it is losing air. But no problem, you can easily mend your leaking air mattress yourself. We explain how it works.

How is an air mattress repaired?

Often new air mattresses a repair set is enclosed. You can also order this on the internet. Although the bicycle hose repair kits look the same, they are not necessarily waterproof. The repair kit includes PVC patches in various sizes, fine sandpaper and an adhesive.

Mend an air mattress step by step

  • Water with soap or detergent
  • Repair kit (patch, glue, fine sandpaper)
  • chalk
  • towel
  • scissors

1. Finding a leak on the air mattress

If you do not know exactly where the hole is, you need to search for it. For this you have to inflate your air mattress first. If you do not have a pump on hand, find out here which alternative inflation methods are available. There are two ways to locate the hole:

You put your ear to the air mattress and try to find out where the air escapes.

If this does not work or if you have any idea where the hole is, put some water in a bath with detergent or soap and squeeze in or out of the air mattress. Apply pressure to the mattress so that air escapes from the hole. The leak bubbles under water.

Once you have found the hole, dry the area and mark the leak with the chalk.
Then let the air out of the mattress.

2. Roast air mattress

In order for the patch to last well, the area to be glued must be roughened. For this, it must first be 100% dry. Then drive a few times with light pressure with the fine sandpaper over the place.

3. Crop the patches

Choose a patch of the appropriate size or cut the size you want yourself.

4. Stick on the patches

Then wet the entire patch with glue. Be careful not to apply too much glue so that it does not overflow when you attach the patch. Often the repair kit comes with a brush, which allows you to apply the glue more evenly and thinner. Immediately press the patch on the hole and hold it there for a few minutes.

5. Let it dry

The adhesive must dry out completely before it should come into contact with water or pressure. Therefore, let your air mattress rest for 24 hours (observe manufacturer's instructions!). Otherwise, you run the risk of the patch peeling off.

Tips & Tricks

The air mattress does not always tear on the smooth surface. Sometimes the seam also takes damage. How to repair a leak at the seam is explained step by step.