Repair an air mattress with superglue

Not always you have repair kit at hand when the air mattress breaks. But there are other ways to repair an air mattress, such as superglue. Learn more about how to fix your air mattress with superglue.

When can you repair an air mattress with superglue?

Superglue is very resistant and waterproof. Therefore, it is also suitable for the patching of air mattresses. However, not all holes can be repaired with superglue and without patches. For too big holes you need a patch in addition to the superglue. Without patches you will come out if:

  • The hole is on the seam.
  • The hole is at the valve.
  • The hole is smaller than one centimeter.

Before you glue the air mattress

Super glue, like any other glue, works best on clean, rough surfaces. Therefore, before repairing, thoroughly clean the area around the hole with a degreasing agent (such as alcohol) and then roast with a fine sandpaper. Furthermore, you should blow a little air into the air mattress, so that the skin does not lie against each other inside and is glued inside during gluing.

Repair a hole on the seam with superglue

If the hole is on the seam, a patch will not help you much. You can easily seal small holes with superglue, larger ones should be stitched together before gluing. Find out how to do this here.

Stick a hole on the valve

Even with a hole near the valve you will not get much further with a patch. Instead, you can close the hole with some superglue. What you can do, if the valve is simply leaking, we have collected here for you.

Stick a small hole

Very small holes in the air mattress do not necessarily need a patch. Again, a serving of superglue is sufficient. Make sure that the glued area does not protrude but fits smoothly and evenly into the rest of the surface. Otherwise, the hole could tear open again.

Tips & Tricks

Especially small holes are not always easy to find. We will tell you how to best find the leak.

Video Board: Quick airbed fix!