Repair air mattress valve

A leaking air mattress is easy to mend using a repair kit. It is different, however, when the leak is at the valve. Here are some ways to repair the valve of an air mattress.

Where is the leak?

If the valve leaks, the leak may be in two different places:

  • The valve itself is leaking.
  • The mattress material on the valve is damaged.

Once you have ascertained which of the two cases, you can proceed to repair.

Replace valve

With high-quality air mattresses, sometimes the valve can be replaced if it has become leaky. Look for it in the specialized trade or online the appropriate spare parts. In some cases, in addition to the valve, you will need an appropriate valve key to replace the valve. With the valve key, it is a breeze to replace the valve:

  • Open the valve.
  • Put the valve key on it.
  • Hold the valve from the other side of the mattress.
  • Turn the valve counterclockwise until you can remove it.
  • Then screw in the new valve.
  • Hold the internal thread firmly during the whole procedure so that it does not slip into the mattress.

Repair mattress material at the valve

If the air mattress is torn directly at the valve, it can be patched with needle, thread and glue. For this you need:

  • waterproof adhesive (e.g., two-component adhesive)
  • thread
  • Alcohol or other degreasing detergent
  • soft cloth
  • fine sandpaper
  • needle
  • hairdryer

1. Cleaning and roughening

First, clean the damaged area and the adjacent area with a soft cloth and some alcohol or other degreasing agent.

Then rough the affected area with a fine sandpaper so that the glue holds well.

Then inflate the air mattress slightly so that the skin does not lie on top of each other.

2. Sew

Now sew the broken part together with a fine needle and fine but firm thread.

3. Gluing

Apply now generously glue on the spot and make sure that this flows into all cracks. To do this, it is best to blow-dry it on as hot a stage as possible in order to liquefy the adhesive.

4. Wait

Then let your air mattress dry for 24 to 48 hours.

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