Airbrush Compressor Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for airbrush compressor comparison or test 2018

  • The airbrush technique is a form of painterly art in which the ink is atomized with compressed air and thus allows very fine color gradients.
  • For an airbrush art you need an airbrush compressor or an airbrush compressor for the airbrush gun.
  • In addition to modeling, make-up, nail art and bodypainting and Custompainting, the airbrush technique is also found in a variety of images.

Airbrush Compressor Comparison 2018: compressor

Even if that Interest in art generally not changed much until 2016, in Germany 2016 at least 6.51 million To be particularly interested in the art scene and 20.68 million were at least still moderately interested (Source: IfD Allensbach).

In our Airbrush Compressor Comparison 2018 you can find out who became our Airbrush Compressor Winner and in our buying guide we tell you what the best Airbrush Compressor is.

1. What is an airbrush compressor?

Good to know

The airbrush gun possesses very fine nozzles, which reduces the consumption of color. The ground is never touched by the gun.

Airbrush Compressor Comparison 2018: compressors

The airbrush compressor compresses air and adds color in the airbrush gun.

An airbrush compressor or Airbrush compressor compresses air, Which mixed with color and is applied to the surface to be painted. In almost every airbrush forum, the compressor is perceived as more important than the airbrush gun, which ultimately adds only the color.

So it's worth it if you buy the best airbrush compressor rather than the best airbrush gun, as this is authoritative for the Quality of the picture responsible is.

2. Types of Airbrush Compressors

It existstwo types of compressors: oil-free and with oil. Depending on the category, there are other features, advantages and disadvantages that we would like to suggest to you:

2.1 Compressor with and without oil


Compressor with oil

Since the Engine constantly immersed in oil is, it is constantly lubricated sufficiently. This is the result Oil compressor longer usable. However, oil compressors are rarely used, as they are more suitable for manual work with tools.

Compressor without oil

Both beginners and professionals are increasingly using the oil-less compressor. Although this holds less long than the oil-driven compressor, since the engine itself not in permanent contact with oil is working, but works clean, He is more for finer works meaningful.
Newer oil-free compressors have a cooling function that has a lifetime close to that of oil-driven compressors. Should you use the compressor only for airbrush work use, that is Alternative without oil recommendedbecause they do not need the performance of the oil compressor.

2.2 advantages and disadvantages of the two compressor types

Which air compressor is recommended, the one Compressor with oil or a oil-free compressor?

We have the Advantages and disadvantages listed to give you one Airbrush compressor Recommendation to be able to give.

Oil-piston compressor:

  • quieter
  • longer lifetime
  • longer operating time possible
  • Dirty: Oil can contaminate airbrush paints
  • severe
  • expensive
  • more maintenance

Compressor without oil:

  • cleaner: no oil pollution
  • less maintenance
  • cheaper, in addition no oil purchase necessary
  • lighter
  • volume up
  • fewer models equipped with air tanks than with oil compressors
  • shorter life

3. Purchase criteria for airbrush compressors: You must pay attention to this

We recommend you for one cheaper airbrush compressor without oil to decide. Likewise, we urge you to study technology before you can buy cheap airbrush compressor, In the following video you will be explained how to paint with the airbrush technique is and what results can be expected:

3.1 volume

Airbrush Compressor Comparison 2018: airbrush

Luckily, the commercial airbrush compressors are not very loud.

An oil-powered compressor is a special one quiet compressor (unlike its oil-free counterpart). He reaches one maximum volume of 30 dBwhereas compressors without oil are in the range of 40 - 50 dB move (which corresponds to the values ​​of the Revell Master Class 39138 compressor). When used as an airbrush compressor, we put an oil-free version to your heart. Other compressor manufacturers offer higher performance and more functionality, but are louder and are not needed for airbrushing.

3.2 pressure

For clean results with pictures, it is necessary that the Pressure remains constant and in the range of 1.5 - 2.2 bar varies can be. If you can adjust the pressure of the airbrush compressor, it will ensure that the artwork is the right one individual claims of the painter equivalent.

Tip:Besides the working pressure is also important how much air the compressor should move, which depends on the nozzles of the airbrush guns. If these have a diameter of more than 0.5 mm, the compressor should be able to move 30 l / min, whereas for standard nozzles of 0.4 mm diameter a quantity of 20 l / min is sufficient.

3.3 tank

Airbrush Compressor Comparison 2018: compressors

With the variation of pressure, the output of color can be controlled.

To ensure a constant working pressure is a Airbrush compressor with tank necessary, in which compressed air is stored. From this air is delivered evenly to the airbrush gun, without suddenly too much or too little air escapes. The Pressure can be kept constant longer, the more volume the tank possesses. However, a large tank takes longer to replenish.

3.4 water / oil separator

Both the oil-driven and the oil-free air compressor have the problem that Oil or condensation will contaminate the image, As a result, delicate works of art become impossible. Therefore, you should make sure that the compressor of your choice one water or one oil separator has. By a mechanical separation process, the accumulations of water are then secreted without further ado.

4. Is there an airbrush compressor test at Stiftung Warentest?

Unfortunately, Stiftung Warentest, Germany's largest testing institute, has so far have not yet performed an airbrush compressor testSo we can not imagine an airbrush compressor test winner and no airbrush test for compressors. However, there is a message from 2007 about airbrush make-up and a quick test to airbrush legs.

Airbrush Compressor Comparison 2018: 2018

5. Questions and answers about airbrush compressors

5.1 Which airbrush compressor is best for beginners?

The common airbrush air pressure compressor is suitable for beginners as well as for professionals. For beginners in the field of airbrushing, it is advisable, however a whole airbrush set with compressor to buy. With this airbrush compressor set you can buy a airbrush gun with compressor together, which match without compatibility problems.

Since there are differences in quality, you should not choose the most expensive items at the beginning because they are designed for more demanding jobs. Choose a pistol that fits well in your hand and buy a matching airbrush compressor that runs oil-free.

As your skills and artistic aspirations increase, you can buy more expensive products that offer better quality.

5.2 What should be considered for the airbrush compressor?

The most important purchase criteria for your airbrush compressor:

  • Pressure: constant during activity at least 1.5 bar
  • Presence of a air tanks for constant pressure
  • at best oilless compressor
  • Transport airflow should be about 20 l / min be
  • Presence of a water separator
  • Not louder than 50 dB

If you want more power, so more horsepower, an oil-powered model is the right choice. If the compressor is small, it is usually a compressor without oil, the easier and easier to transport is. Unlike a so-called compact compressor, the compressors with oil supply rather belong to the construction equipment.

5.3 If I want an oil compressor: Which oil should I use?

Airbrush Compressor Comparison 2018: comparison

With airbrush stencils (above) it is also possible for beginners to design elaborate pictures.

If you have decided on an oil airbrush compressor, you will need to buy oil. The oil has the advantage to reduce wearbecause the engine is well lubricated. This raises the question of which oil is best for airbrush compressors.

For oil compressors, it is recommended, suitable Compressor oil to buy, which is available in any well-stocked hardware store or on the Internet.

5.4 How much bar does an airbrush compressor need?

If you want to use your compressor for airbrush work, the question arises: How much bar should an airbrush compressor have?

The maximum pressure should be Do not exceed 6 barbecause more is not needed. What counts is, however, the Working pressure, which is constant at about 1.5 to 2.2 bar should lie.

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