Cordless screwdriver in the test

Cordless screwdriver in the test: cordless

We have already tested a number of cordless screwdrivers, cordless drills and cordless combis as single units or in a set. Our overview should help you to compare the different cordless screwdrivers to weigh which device suits you. Whether you need a cordless screwdriver, cordless drill, cordless drill or even a cordless hammer drill, our knowledge page shows you how the different variants are compared. There you can find out exactly which cordless screwdriver is used for which job.

Which data is worth comparing?

Bosch PSB 18 LI-2 Ergonomic with Syneon chip

Cordless screwdriver in the test: test

Old is the name Bosch PSB 18 LI-2, but pretty much everything has been redesigned. In addition to a new battery range, Bosch also sets the direction of rotation switch, shares the torque limitation and offers a special grip shape with "Ergonomic". What has changed and whether it is always an advantage, is in our review. PSB 18 LI-2 Ergonomic

KINZO X-POWER cordless drill 10.8V

Cordless screwdriver in the test: screwdriver

Cordless drill drivers are available in many different price ranges. With currently € 34 KINZO X-POWER is one of the very cheap models, which is not necessarily a disadvantage. We'll take a closer look at the model and get to the bottom of the difference between cheap and cheap.

Festool Cordless Drill TXS Li 2,6-Set

Cordless screwdriver in the test: screwdriver

The TXS Li 2.6 set from Festool comes as a cordless screwdriver with bit holder and can be used in many ways with a clip-on drill chuck and / or an angle attachment. But is the specified torque sufficient for important work?

Twercs from Vorwerk in the product test

Cordless screwdriver in the test: screwdriver

Vorwerk is known for its high quality vacuum cleaners and now introduces home improvement and decorating tools with the Twercs. We want to know what they are made of and test a combination of four cordless tools in the Twercs case.

TwistMeister from Westfalia in the test

Cordless screwdriver in the test: test

The TwistMeister from Westfalia sets new standards in cordless screwdrivers. Because the head of this screwdriver can be bent in different directions and allows the screws in hard to reach places. We have tested in our test, if he keeps what he promises.

Cordless drill screw Festool CXS in the test

Cordless screwdriver in the test: cordless

The Festool CXS seems to have everything a cordless screwdriver needs: full power, multiple attachments and high-quality packaging. In this test we check what is behind it.

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