Planning an alarm system - this is how you think of everything

What you should always consider when planning an alarm system, and which considerations are fundamental when purchasing an alarm system, read in this article.

Necessity of the alarm system

Alarm systems are usually only an additional protection. As the only burglary protection alarm systems are not good.

The deterrent effect of an alarm system is only around half of the perpetrators - the other half is relatively unimpressed by the fact that the operating times are usually significantly longer even when triggered alarm than the break even.

A good mechanical basic protection of the building is the best possible protection. An alarm system is only useful to limit the time of the offender as possible. This prevents him from having time to overcome mechanical safety devices in areas where he can work unseen.

Basic considerations

Before you buy and also planning an alarm system, you should definitely fix some basic things:

  • How should the alarm protection take place? (Forwarding of the alarm to security or police, deployment times, etc.), in addition sirens, warnings?
  • what should be secured?
  • how should be secured?
  • which alarm system should be purchased at all?
  • where are the most vulnerable areas?

In general, a combination of

  • door detectors
  • window detectors
  • motion

in practice as the most meaningful. Of course, you should always make sure that even glass breakage or similar possible scenarios are sufficiently considered. Pay particular attention to which areas are particularly at risk.

These are usually all those areas where an offender can go relatively unseen - and thus without time pressure - to work. That is where you should put a burglar on the existing alarm system as possible under time pressure and thus induce him to let go of his project.

Tips & Tricks

The same applies to the planning of the alarm system as it does to the mechanical safety devices: the top floor and attic only need to be protected if the offender really has a realistic chance of entering there.

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