Installing the alarm system - does this have to be done by a professional?

Again and again - even in DIY stores - alarm systems for self-installation and easy retrofitting of the house or apartment offered. Whether this really makes sense, and what problems can arise, read in this post.

Difficulty in planning

Most systems for self-installation work via radio. Often you can buy for 200 - 300 EUR a complete set.

However, planning often causes difficulties here. Important are the following questions:

  • Which detector should be installed where appropriate to ensure actual protection?
  • What can trigger false alarms?
  • How many detectors do I need?
  • Where do I best apply it?

In practice, it is almost impossible for non-professionals to answer such questions adhoc. Even looking up the Internet or in various specialist advice often does not bring enough light into the dark.

In order to properly install a burglar alarm system, one must know how perpetrators act. What they usually do, and what obstacles they can easily handle. And only experts can bring that knowledge and experience.

Security check of the conditions

It is also important to gain an impression on site of which mechanical resistance and which resistance class have doors and windows.

If a burglar is able to gain access very quickly, an alarm may not deter him. He's back out so fast he can actually ignore the alarm.

Insufficient detectors

Many detectors and alarms can quickly and easily disable the burglar on site. Thus, an alarm can be silenced within a very short time by the burglar himself. This is not in the sense of the inventor - but unfortunately the property of many retrofit systems for self-installation. Although the installation is often simple, the effect is limited.

Tips & Tricks

Always pay attention to which areas are particularly at risk. For detached houses, you should always think about the protection of the garage and the plot itself. The professional should always install a professional system.

Video Board: How to Install Your Own Security System