Retrofit alarm system - what options are there?

The fear of burglars always makes the rounds again, fueled additionally by media reports and low Aufklärungsungs quotes. Often then the desire for an alarm system appears. What options there are for retrofitting, and what should be considered, read here.

Alarm systems as additional protection

In addition to the sufficient mechanical protection, around which no way around, existing alarm systems can be an additional means to deter at least some burglars (only about half of the perpetrators).

Such additional protection can be useful in some cases - it is not usually indispensable. And whoever invests his money in an alarm system instead of securing doors and windows has most likely invested his money in the wrong way.

Retrofit for SmartHome systems

Many SmartHome systems allow for easy retrofitting of individual alarm system components. Many sets are here, however, quite poorly equipped and have only a small number of door and window detectors.

The cost of such retrofit kits starts at around 300 EUR upwards. However, one must always look carefully enough, whether the own requirements of such basic plants are actually fulfilled.

Wireless alarm systems for retrofitting

Even simple wireless alarm systems are often offered as retrofit systems for additional protection. The prices start here already with approximately 150 EUR. The individual components are simply connected via radio with a central part, which usually also contains a siren. In addition, you can often attach IP cameras.

Important considerations when purchasing

Basically you should only install certified alarm systems whose protection profile also meets your own requirements. Above all, planning is important here - as it should be determined by an expert as possible, which sensors make sense in which areas - and how they can be used as effectively as possible.

Alarm forwarding

The second important question is where a triggered alarm goes. In a security center? As message on the mobile phone? Or a siren directly at the house?

This question is fundamental, since only a direct alarm message even brings a chance to catch a culprit yet. Sirens are usually either ignored by the neighbors or can not be assigned immediately.

Tips & Tricks

The length of time to a mission is fundamentally important. Even burglars measure their chances of success afterwards - and that often decides on burglary or demolition.

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