Alder wood - what price do you pay?

Alder wood is a very popular domestic timber, which is used in many ways. It is also considered relatively cheap wood. Whether this is true, and what you have to expect for sawn timber and firewood, you will learn in this post.

Prices for lumber

Alder wood is a comparatively cheap domestic hardwood. The prices for sawn timber are at about the same level as high quality softwoods, and even cheaper than beech wood. In general you have to expect about 500 - 650 EUR per m³ for lumber. High-grade spruce wood is at about the same level, beech wood is generally around 600 - 750 EUR per m³.

Reasonably priced wood

Alder wood is a reasonably priced wood, especially in terms of its technical properties. Although alder is soft and light, yet tough and elastic and relatively strong, it is still quite good for many purposes.

Alder wood as firewood

As firewood, alder wood is neither very well known nor very popular. As softwood, it has a significantly lower calorific value than the hardwoods beechwood and oak. While beech and oak each deliver about 2,100 kWh per fm, this is about a quarter less for alder (about 1,500 kWh per fm). However, this can still be expected at low prices, and also when using alder wood for the transitional period, where you do not need such a long burning time, or as wood for heating.

Tips & Tricks

You can always get alder wood wherever alder trees are planted on the bank. They are set there on a regular basis "on stick", so cut back. The "waste" from pruning is after drying (about 2 years) quite passable firewood. Even otherwise alders are very common, which often makes the prices cheaper.

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