Everything about the exposed concrete wall

An exposed concrete wall can be an interesting visual enrichment. However, there are some things to consider, both in terms of construction and care. Also the production costs are an argument. What you should think about and what you should know, read in this post.

Properties of exposed concrete

Fairfaced concrete is conventional concrete, but offers a completely smooth and visually appealing surface. As a rule, only certain concrete compositions are suitable, and in addition, special care must be taken when formworking.

Exposed concrete walls can then be sanded or specially treated. Depending on the quality of exposed concrete, the wall makes different efforts.

In terms of price, exposed concrete walls are significantly higher than concrete walls without any optical requirements. The price can still vary significantly with the demands on the design and fair-faced concrete quality. Also between the providers there are sometimes significant price differences.

Special designs

Fair-faced concrete is particularly suitable for visually interesting designs. For example, sheets can be placed between formwork and concrete, the outlines of which then become dark after curing of the concrete.

Structures in concrete can be created in different ways - for example, by special inserts in the formwork or by subsequent processing. There are many creative possibilities here - including sandblasting.
Fair-faced concrete can also be colored from the outset or subsequently coated in color, there are also impregnations as stain protection commercially.

Possible problems with exposed concrete

Exposed concrete surfaces are not only sensitive, the production also requires a high degree of craftsmanship and a lot of experience. This is not the case with all performers, so there is a risk that exposed concrete walls may not succeed perfectly everywhere. Since this can usually no longer be corrected or masked afterwards, this is extremely annoying.

Responsible for the uncertainties may include:

  • different not completely uniform concrete mixtures,
  • uneven cement paints,
  • Special concretes with difficult processing properties (eg limestone concrete)
  • changing weather conditions during concreting and different moisture conditions on different floors.

In addition, numerous other factors influence the appearance of the exposed concrete wall.

Tips & Tricks

A less expensive and less risky alternative to exposed concrete walls indoors is the painting of conventional walls in concrete look. Here there are sometimes impressive design options, the painting with the 2-component products is usually no problem for skilled laymen. And the risk is much lower than when making an exposed concrete wall, the price as well. Also the maintenance effort falls away.

Video Board: Mineral wall designs: exposed concrete appearance