All the important facts about the landing

A stair landing serves safety as well as comfort, as well as a planned evasion zone. The pedestal makes it easy to pass each other, to take a quick breather, but also to carry bulky objects. The stair construction standard DIN 18065 regulates exactly when a landing is required and what size it should have.

There are these types of staircases

Stair platforms are both part of straight staircases and staircases that change direction or wendeln. Roughly speaking, they are divided into three ways:

  • Concurrent stairs are middle platforms. They simply continue in the same direction that the steps already indicate.
  • In opposing stairs Wendepodeste be installed, which allow a kink of 180 degrees.
  • Stairs, which bend about 90 degrees, receive corner or Viertelpodeste, which join in the change of direction.

However, the stair landing not only serves the staircase, but is prescribed as a crucial security element after a certain number of stages.

After how many steps must a stair landing be installed?

Multi-storey staircases must have according to the above-mentioned stair construction standard after a maximum of 18 steps an escape zone in the form of a pedestal. This applies to houses with at least three apartments.

The prescribed size of the landing stage

The podium depth is determined by building law, according to Musterbauordnung (MBO), it should be a width of appearance plus the step size of the respective staircase. The DIN 18065 also applies a fixed regulation:

In residential buildings with a maximum of two apartments, intermediate platforms on stairs must be at least 80 cm wide, or 2.5 times the measure of the smallest appearance. Buildings with more than two apartments require at least 100 cm large pedestals or 3.5 times the size of a stand.

If there are doors on the landing, they must be completely open on the pedestal. This often requires more than 80 cm width.

Spiral stairs with landing stage

Even spiral staircases should be provided with pedestals when passing through several floors. However, the calculation of the podium size is more difficult here, first the running line has to be determined.

We recommend that you always consult a specialist who knows all the regulations and calculation principles when determining the appropriate platform size.

Tips & Tricks

Also think about the sound decoupling of your landing stage. Either decouple the entire staircase as a coherent component by means of supports from the wall - or you plan your pedestal as a single component, which has its own decoupling.

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