Alternatives to coffee filters

You forgot to buy coffee filters, but of course you do not want to miss your morning coffee? No problem! There are a few simple alternatives to coffee filters to help you out of the bottle.

1st solution: paper tissues

You can easily replace a coffee filter with a traditional tissue. It is best to use extra tear-resistant handkerchiefs. If you only have thin handkerchiefs at home, just take two. You can cut the handkerchief or just unfold it and push it up into the filter holder as it is. Coffee powder inside, coffee maker - ready is your alternative coffee filter.
Alternatively, you can also use kitchen paper.

2nd solution: substance

Cotton or linen fabric was used for the first coffee filters and of course that works today too: Cut a piece of fabric into a sufficiently large piece. Make sure that the fabric is clean, but do not smell strongly of detergent or fabric softener, otherwise the coffee will take on the smell. If you are using very thin fabric, such as a wafer-thin handkerchief, you should take it twice. Otherwise, the water flows too fast through the coffee powder and does not have enough time to absorb enough flavor.

Reusable coffee filters

Often, coffee machines are equipped with a reusable coffee filter by default. These are plastic cylinders with reticulated panels, which can be placed like a paper coffee filter in the filter holder and filled with coffee powder. In contrast to the conventional coffee filter but this is then not thrown away but only rinsed. You should clean it thoroughly once a week.
You will also find reusable coffee filters made of fabric in specialist shops. This may not help you in an emergency, but if you are looking for a permanent solution with no disposable coffee filters, this could be an option. Or you can create a coffee machine without a coffee filter:

Permanently without coffee filter: Alternative coffee machines

If you still want to brew green coffee, you could say goodbye to your filter coffee machine and buy a zero-current alternative. Particularly popular here are the French Press, the coffee machine for pressing or the espresso pot, a metal jug that cooks espresso on your home stove.

Tips & Tricks

Do not use paper tissues permanently! Coffee filters are significantly cheaper than paper tissues.

Video Board: How To Make A Coffee Filter Using A Paper Towel