Alternatives to night storage heating - modern heating with electricity

Night storage heaters are outdated technology, and in many cases today no longer allowed. Of course, this raises the question of alternatives - and there are actually some. What this can be, read here.

Heating with electricity - up to date?

Night storage heaters take advantage of lower electricity prices during off-peak hours. In many cases, however, this advantage does not exist anywhere in Germany at all, and in buildings with more than five residential units, night-time heating systems are no longer allowed.

The fundamental question that arises is whether heating with electricity is actually economically and ecologically justifiable today. Depending on which technology you use, it can actually be.

Moreover, apartments and apartments in particular do not have much room for alternatives anyway - other forms of heating would first of all cause a high installation effort, and also correspondingly high costs. As an alternative, in many cases often only one - better - possibility to heat with electricity.

Infrared heating as cheap electricity heating

Infrared heaters have some important advantages: they do not require expensive and expensive installation but can simply be plugged into the nearest outlet, they are very economical, and also improve the indoor climate during the heating season, keeping the air clean, cool and moist, and none cause constant draft in the room.

Only the cost of acquisition remains, and in the case of an average-sized apartment, it remains within reasonable limits. For planning, however, you should definitely consult an expert to find the right wattage, heating intervals and optimal installation locations.

The power consumption of infrared heaters as black spotlights in good quality during the heating period about 2 - 3 kWh per day and heater (500 W). Even with the normal tariff of most electricity providers, this is not a particularly big expense for the heating, especially since very often 500 to 800 W can suffice for average sized rooms.

In view of the advantages of infrared heating is therefore quite a good alternative to night storage heating - and also a suitable replacement for it if you want to continue to heat electricity or must. The operating costs are lower, the heat is much more pleasant and healthy, and the installation is very simple.

Tips & Tricks

In the case of infrared heaters, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the heaters - only use spotlights from quality manufacturers to actually achieve a good heating output with the lowest possible consumption at the same time.

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