Alternatives to aluminum foil - cook and grill healthy

There are many concerns about aluminum foil. Not only in terms of health, but also in terms of environmental technology, aluminum foil is rightly not the best reputation. Therefore, many cook and grill friends are looking for a more acceptable alternative to aluminum foil. Which possibilities there are, we show you here in the tips.

Stainless steel - practical replacement for aluminum foil

A healthy alternative to the grill tray made of aluminum foil is stainless steel. Grill dishes made of stainless steel additionally reduce your amount of garbage. However, you must wash off these trays. The initial cost may be a little higher. But after a short usage you have easily recovered these additional costs because of the multiple usability.

But there is a small disadvantage, but who uses a small grill oven and has tailored its aluminum cups so far, finds the stainless steel bowls difficult to find suitable replacement. In addition, the stainless steel shell should be brushed with a little cooking oil, so that the food does not attack so strong.

  • Stainless steel bowls cheaper in the long term
  • Sizes not flexible customizable
  • washable and durable
  • Brush with cooking oil before use

Steel baskets - black helper

Instead of stainless steel, you can also use the typical black painted grill baskets and bowls. But you should also coat these steel baskets with some oil. In addition, you can also use the baskets in the oven for fries.

Baking paper - conditionally suitable

Many cooks recommend simply wrapping grilled vegetables in baking paper instead of aluminum foil. However, since the baking paper is flammable, this method can only be recommended under certain conditions. In the oven it may work, on a real grill with gas or coal flame certainly not.

Banana leaves for sweet food

If you want to heat sweet fruits as a dessert on your grill, banana leaves are suitable. In many supermarkets, these large leaves are already in the vegetable department, but otherwise you will find banana leaves in every Asian market. Here you can grill mangos, bananas and pineapple.

Tips & Tricks

If it's just about covering cold food, you should grab the cling film if possible. There are also silicone lids that fit every size of bowl and can be washed off again and again.

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