Cleaning aluminum windows - what can you do, what should you do?

Even with aluminum windows gnaws the time. Aluminum windows can accumulate or start up dirt over time. There are proven remedies that are almost always helpful. Proper care is also important Read more here.

Dirt on aluminum

Aluminum is in and of itself a very durable material that is also very resistant. However, certain influences leave dark stains on the aluminum over time. It can also "start" and thus become extremely unsightly.

Aluminum windows are basically easy to clean - but not as easy to clean as other types of windows. Plastic windows are less sensitive than aluminum in many cases.


Corrosion is a very rare problem with aluminum because it is inherently highly corrosion resistant. However, certain environmental influences can cause this in individual cases.

Regular cleaning

Aluminum windows should definitely be cleaned regularly on the outside and on the inside. For that you should not use aggressive cleaning agents or scratching cleaning materials!

The surface of aluminum is, depending on the treatment, very sensitive to certain aggressive substances. If in doubt, seek the advice of the window manufacturer. It is of course optimal to use the recommended care and cleaning products of the manufacturer. However, these detergents are usually much more expensive than ordinary household cleaners.

Especially important is a regular cleaning and care to avoid stains caused by long-lasting dirt. Protecting the surface with a special wax is also recommended.

Home remedies for stain removal

Both penetrated stains and tarnished window frames can be cleaned with rims cleaner for alloy wheels in many cases again.

Good cleaning products for aluminum can also be found in the boat accessories trade. On boats and ships, aluminum is a commonly used material, so there are a variety of special aluminum cleaners. These cleaners are often good at dealing with heavier soiling.

Especially when it comes to tarnished window frames, funds from the automotive industry have always worked well. Also in the motorcycle shop you can sometimes find good care products, the aluminum reflect its former glory.

What you should be careful with:

  • scouring or scratching cleaners
  • aggressive acid or lye-containing cleaners
  • abrasive or scratching cleaning agents

Tips & Tricks

If you are not sure whether a cleaning product might harm the aluminum window frame, try it out first in an inconspicuous area (such as on the inside).

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