Aluminum ladder comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the Aluleiter comparison or test 2018

  • Due to their low weight and the simultaneous stability, aluminum ladders are not only ideal for use in the home, but also for the garden.
  • One differentiates here above all between Anlegelderern and stepladders. The latter have a platform on which you can store tools, small parts and, if necessary, also a paint bucket or put them down or clamp them down.
  • When buying a new aluminum ladder, pay attention not only to its weight and practical additional functions, such as a hook for paint buckets, but also to the working height that suits you best. This can vary depending on the model between about 200 and 500 cm.

Aluminum ladder comparison 2018: ladder

Interest in home improvement has been unbroken in Germany for many years - according to statistics from 2016, around 57% of respondents were at least Interested working in your own home, 25% consider themselves "particularly interested" or even "expert" in the do-it-yourself field(Source: IfD Allensbach).

Whether to change the lamp and light bulb, to clean the window or even for wallpapering and painting the walls - in addition to the essential tools needed as a hobby craftsman especially one thing: a stable, as handy and lightweight ladder.

The big family of ladders

Representative of this all too useful device with the well-known rungs for ascending and descending is meanwhile available for and in almost every area of ​​life and work, Apart from models made of aluminum, there are also some made of wood, steel and plastic. In addition to plug and slide ladders, there are also folding ladders, small ladders and of course those oversized ladders for firefighters.

In our Aluleiter comparison 2018 we have looked closely at the currently best aluminum ladders and explain in this guide what you should pay particular attention to when buying, for example, the weight and resilience.

1. With the Aluleiter also in the garden

Within your own four walls there are enough application possibilities for your personal Aluleiter comparison winner - We have listed some of the most popular applications here:

  • for installation of windows
  • to change the curtains
  • to paint the walls
  • for wallpapering the ceiling
  • for the elimination of water damage
  • for mounting and dedusting shelves
  • for laying cables

Aluminum ladder comparison 2018: ladder

This ladder by Songmics is very well suited for use in the home (here in the kitchen).

But an aluminum ladder is also irreplaceable for use in the garden; typical applications include:

  • Cleaning the gutter
  • Cutting the hedge
  • fruit harvest
  • Cultivation of birdhouses
  • Removing wasp nests
  • roof repairs
  • facade repairs
  • Rescue kitten from the tree

Below we have the Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum ladderssummarized for you:

  • very easy
  • particularly robust
  • hardly susceptible to corrosion
  • low maintenance
  • not very flexible
  • sometimes transfers electrical charges

2. Purchase advice for Aluleitern: What to look for

Be sure to keep an eye on the following purchase criteria when buying your personal Alu Conductors' Cup winner, as the differences between some models are sometimes larger than you may initially realize.

2.1. working height

Aluminum ladder comparison 2018: aluminum

Make sure that your new aluminum ladder has sufficient working height for your purposes.

Depending on the task area or individual work requirements you should pay attention to the right sizeif you are planning to buy a new aluminum ladder. Also note: The specified platform height of the ladder does not match the actual working height. Although it is theoretically possible to stand on the platform or highest level of the ladder, safety is not a good idea.

The working height therefore indicates the real height at which you can operate thanks to the ladder, In the models from our Aluleiter comparison this varies greatly between about 200 to almost 470 cm. In addition, it should be noted that too not every ladder model is equipped with a platform is.

2.2. Weight and resilience

Aluminum ladder comparison 2018: 2018

Even this relatively small stepladder easily withstands a weight of about 150 kg. In addition, this model folds easily and is therefore considered to save space.

Aluminum ladders tend to be many times lighter than steel and wood ladders. There are still differences in weight - we do not want to withhold them from you: On the market you will find models from just under 1 kg to about 15 kg - The specimens from most Aluleiter tests weigh on average 4 to 6 kg.

So, if you put emphasis on an easily transportable aluminum ladder, it should be noted that the weight no direct consequences on the load capacity Regardless of its own weight, every ladder in our comparison can easily withstand 150 kg.

Note: The big differences in weight in aluminum ladders are mainly due to the fact that some manufacturers use steel for the production of the ladder platform, this is to increase the stability.

2.3. Additional functions

Aluminum ladder comparison 2018: aluminum

On this aluminum ladder a hook is integrated, on which you can hang a paint bucket.

Among the most important features of an aluminum ladder is a storage option for tools, a folding rule or small parts such as screws, nuts, cordless screwdriver bits and wires. In case of doubt this saves you from having to go down and down the ladder several times after each rolled-down part, saving time and nerves.

Another feature is one special hook for paint bucketIt is positioned so that it does not unbalance the ladder and thus does not jeopardize your safety. Finally, at this point non-slip rubber feet not to mention that all models from our Aluleiter comparison have. These are essential for a firm and thus safe stand.

3. What types of aluminum ladders are there?

Aluminum ladder typedescription

Aluminum ladder comparison 2018: comparison

This classic form of aluminum ladder is applied to the house wall or (in the garden) to the facade or, for example, the fruit tree. It consists of two spars, which are connected by treads.

Applications:Household, garden, construction


Aluminum ladder comparison 2018: 2018

The stepladder is the consistent further development of the ladderbecause here a joint connects two ladder parts together - to prevent the spreading out both parts are often connected with a metal band or a chain.

On the platform You can store tools and possibly also your phone or a snack.

Applications:Household, garden, construction


Aluminum ladder comparison 2018: ladder

The stepladder is considered a little sister of stepladder and is too simply known as a household leader. When unfolding, the upper pedestal is fixed, preventing it from collapsing.

Applications:Household, garden

Scaling ladder / telescopic ladder

Aluminum ladder comparison 2018: ladder

This rather professional variant of the Aluleiter comes less frequently in the household, but on construction sites and especially in the fire department for use. Telescopic or sliding ladders consist of zusammensteckbaren items, so the working height varies.

Applications:Construction, Technical Relief Agency (THW), Fire Department

Important safety note: When creating your Aluleiter, always make sure you have one safe angle of attack to choose - this should be between 64 and 75 degrees at best. Otherwise you run the risk of the ladder tipping or bending. In no case should more than one person stand on the ladder, otherwise quickly imbalance can arise.

4. What does Stiftung Warentest say?

The Stiftung Warentest conducted in February 2010 for the last time an Aluleiter test - but this was not just ladders made of aluminum but also partly steel models. At that time ladders of the manufacturer Hailo particularly attracted attention.

To others well-known and renowned manufacturers of aluminum conductors include the following:

  • Floord Direct Pro
  • Finether
  • Zarges
  • Songmics
  • Yahee
  • Masko

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