Edit aluminum sheet

Aluminum and aluminum sheet have special features over other metals. Even if some machining processes are at first glance like steel, there are considerable differences in machining in many areas. This guide will generally tell you how to edit Alulech, what to look for, and get access to related instructions and articles.

Different processing techniques of aluminum sheet

Like any other sheet metal, you can also machine aluminum differently. Already when cutting aluminum sheet there are differences. So also with all other processing methods. The following processing techniques of aluminum sheet are explained in this guide:

  • cut and saw
  • grind and polish
  • paint and prime
  • glue and solder
  • oxidize

Cut aluminum sheet and saw

When cutting aluminum sheet, it is particularly important that the light metal is softer than steel. On the one hand you need a finer toothing for saw blades. On the other hand, however, the rake angle of the teeth must be large, otherwise the aluminum can bake. The guide gives you valuable information on how to cut and saw aluminum sheets.

Grinding and polishing of aluminum sheet

The polishing of aluminum sheet is relatively easy, as well as the grinding of aluminum. However, it is important not to use polishing or grinding materials that have been previously treated with steel or another metal. Otherwise, flash rust can be entered.

Priming and painting aluminum sheet

When it comes to aluminum painting, it gets a bit more complicated, as well and especially when priming. If the aluminum is bare, it is an oxide layer. This is also formed during blank grinding within a very short time.

This means that you should never sand painted and primed aluminum sheet, which should be repainted. The risk of oxidation under the paint is so high. Therefore, you also take the buckling of aluminum sheet differently than with sheet steel.

Gluing and soldering aluminum sheet

Bonding and soldering are also processing techniques that have to take into account these special properties of the oxide layer on the aluminum sheet. Under "Alloy bonding" you will learn tips and tricks on how to prevent this oxide layer from sticking. When soldering aluminum sheet, the oxide layer must also be removed chemically or mechanically so that the material can be joined.

Oxidize aluminum

In particular, this oxide layer is home improvement repeatedly problems before processing and processing of aluminum and aluminum. However, this oxidation layer is even wanted in some applications. By deliberately oxidizing the aluminum, an interesting optical effect is created. The oxide layer also protects aluminum from corrosion.

Tips & Tricks

Of course, these are far from all options for working aluminum and aluminum. In the house journal you can find many other machining techniques of aluminum using the search function. For example, chrome plating or aluminum alloying.

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